ff tactics

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User Info: NovaCast

5 years ago#1
Please tell me this game is not like ff tactics , as in you play the game like a chess board.

User Info: DuFuq

5 years ago#2
err.... aren't most if not all games with tactics on its name played like that?

User Info: Patriarch105

5 years ago#3
All tactics games are on grid maps usually with a class system.
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User Info: My_Filgaia

5 years ago#4
Are you anti-chess or something?
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User Info: PhantomDragon

5 years ago#5
you've upset chess players worldwide!


youve now given me a bit of a 'verklempt'....talk amongst yourselves...ill give you a topic, the Partridge Family was neither a partridge nor a family, discuss!
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