Other TRPGs for PSP?

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User Info: IBubbleTea

4 years ago#1
I have played FFT before and personally thought it was a decent game. Then I realized when i was play RT that I really like this type of game genre. Are there any other good TRPGs for the PSP anyone would like to recommend to me?

And is Tactic Ogre worth buying? I've heard from a lot of people that it's an extremely good game so can anyone give me some pros and cons?
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User Info: MATADOR480

4 years ago#2
Tactics ogre is an excellent game and worth every penny!
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User Info: hauntbot

4 years ago#3
the main con to tactics ogre imo is the leveling system imo. you level classes rather than individual characters.

some people also hate the ai, though a lot of the gripes ive seen with it have been grossly exaggerated. no ai is perfect, iots definitely better than most.

getting some of the end game uber gear is a verrrrry grindey process, too. like no fun or strategy involved whatsoever.

as far as pros it has a pretty robust skill system thats handled differently than ffts, with its own pros and cons.

theres also toooons of late/post game content, and the ability to basically new game +, so you dont have to worry about losing all your hard earned levels and skills if you want to take the story in a different path.

what? thats right, you heard me- the story actually branches, too. yes, this game also does that, but to did it first by a significant margin. the story is also seriously toned and politically charged, much better than this if you like that sort of stuff.

the board still has a good community, too. :D
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User Info: HenrySpencer10

4 years ago#4
Definitely play Tactics Ogre since it is from the same creators as Final Fantasy Tactics.
Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time (pseudo real time strategy meets traditional RPG, combat is gridless, no generics, you can explore towns and fields, no world map; very challenging game, not strictly Tactical RPG, but well worth a look if you're looking for strategy).

Gungnir. Don't let the art put you off, the storyline is actually rather good and the combat system is really good. Another challenging Tactical RPG with some differences from the norm, which makes for some welcome changes.

Jeanne D'Arc is pretty good. The story is pretty boring, but the gameplay and tactics make it worth a playthrough.

Metal Gear AC!D is an excellent spin off series that combines Tactical turn based gameplay with card battles. Sounds weird and it is, but these two games are some of my absolute favourites on the system, so overlooked and underrated.

Knights in the Nightmare. Well...it's more of a hybrid of various genres, but if you like strategy in your RPGs and a fair dose of crazy, this game is for you.

Yggdra Union is supposed to be a really good game.

Also, there's stuff on the PSN like Arc the Lad series, Vanguard Bandits, Front Mission 3 the list goes on and on, great selection on there.

I think that should be enough to check out for now. The DS and PSP are loaded with TRPGs/SRPGs on offer.

User Info: Stasis_Sword

4 years ago#5
Tactics Ogre is one of the best SRPGs ever made.

Great Story
Large variety of classes (which can be mixed) and monsters
Large battlefields with varied terrain
Multiple paths/endings
Solid tactical gameplay

Large battlefields + lots of units = slower battles
Something's are hard to unlucky without a guide

Runner ups (if your interested):
Jeane D'arc - Loosely based on Joan of Arc. Interesting story, and fun burst modes.
Valkyria Chronicles 2 - Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed an SRPG with metal gear solid? If only it had the story from 1 or 3.
Disgaea * - The games humour is an acquired tasted, but NIS game let you power level like no other.
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User Info: holyknight14

4 years ago#6
Jeanne D' Arc is my favorite SRPG on the PSP.

User Info: windmastery

4 years ago#7
I see you guys already covered the basis...
There are not many TRPGs in the PSP, but most (if not all) of them are pretty good games (or at least the ones I've played).

As they say:
-Tactics Ogre
-Yggdra Union
-Jeanne D'Arc
Are pretty good! However, Jeanne D'Arc doesn't really have replayability and Yggdra Union can get frustating sometimes. KitN and VC2 are not your usual TRPGs, but they're really good. TO and Gungnir are highly recommended! They have great gameplay and replayability, not to mention lots of class and ultimate weapons o.O

I don't really like Disgaea since the damage output is just...
But most RPGamers found Disgaea to be really enjoyable

I'm just gonna add 2 games
1. Wild Arm XF
-Really good story
-Long Play through
-Many classes
-Lots of customization
-Classes are balanced
-Random Battles are pretty much useless except for several monsters
-Can't create a broken char
-Some stage require a certain class only
-Not much replayability

2. Blazing Souls
-Long Play through
-Cool looking sprites
-MANY characters
-Lots of customization
-Skill Chains/Awesome combos (Just like overdrive, but you can also chain with other teammates)
-Each character can potentially be Imba
-Without early planning, I think you can get stuck -.-
-A rather complicated story (U know, since lots of char are in this game)
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User Info: Molivious

4 years ago#8
would you be considering japanese imports? cause i have a ton of srpg if i'd include them on the list XD

The three most popular ones are:
Tactics Ogre
Final Fantasy Tactics
Disgaea (1 or 2)

Yggdra Union - Card based
Knights in the Nightmare - has shmup(shoot em up) mechanics mixed in
Gungnir - short in story, but the difficulty is pretty thorny for a newcomer to the genre
Valkyria Chronicles 2 - has 3rd-person-shooter action when you are controlling your units
Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos - during battles, it turns into RTS(real time strategy).
Wild Arms XF: uses hexagon tiles, and the missions will surely make you use of each and every class wisely
Jeanne D'Arc - awesome story and characters I loved it. Replay value is decent, and while the difficulty or challenge is above the games listed in the "top 3 most popular", its easier to deal with than say, Gungnir.

I'm pretty sure i made good summaries of some srpgs in the PSP board.. i'll try to find it for you

edit: here you go, (lol most already mentioned, though)
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User Info: IBubbleTea

4 years ago#9
Molivious posted...

The three most popular ones are:
Tactics Ogre
Final Fantasy Tactics
Disgaea (1 or 2)

I've played Disgaea 2, it was pretty good but never got a chance to finish it.
Life is like chocolate. It wont last forever so make the most of it...

User Info: Molivious

4 years ago#10
/facepalm, didn't paste the link in my previous edit

Finished it, but didnt bother completing even 20% of it, didn't like it much, i hate grinding hundred hours for tactical rpgs unless there's a really good thief/rogue/assassin/bandit class to make up for it.
"You could easily teach yourself if you observe the world closely." - Elise
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