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User Info: Edmond Tan

Edmond Tan
5 years ago#1
I'm no way near the end of the game, so forgive me if it's a stupid question.

I heard that to get the true ending, you have to unlock the 3 endings. Does that mean playing through the entire game at least 3 times, viewing a different ending for each playthrough, or can you just save before the point of no return and go through the 3 endings from there?
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User Info: holyknight14

5 years ago#2
Need to be on the third playthrough minimum. The game works on clear saves, so you can't just complete one and then reload and complete another, etc.

User Info: Molivious

5 years ago#3
When you finish the game, it automatically creates a "clear data", and does not modify any previous save. If you save before the final fight, and create a separate clear data, loading the first save will still be in the final fight and will not have progressed in anything.

Basically, the game *forces* you to start from scratch (altho everything is carried over) to see all endings.
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User Info: al251730

5 years ago#4
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