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User Info: Drithe1

4 years ago#1
At level 3 I got a skill point on a character. I did not use it. I just pressed O to get out of it. When I leveled to 6 I got another skill point. However I did not get the one back I did not use.

So, my question is, if we dont use a skill point when we get them do we lose them? Because, apparently, I did.

User Info: justeen208

4 years ago#2
Are you sure you didn't use it accidentally? Because if you didn't use a skill point, everytime you gain a Jlvl the game will always ask you to assign skill points

User Info: JZhou

4 years ago#3
pretty sure its wasted, i did the same thing for that blond wizard at the beginning and now she is one point skill point short compare to another wizard of mine. if you wonder why i have a generic wizard, thats because these main story characters are just...weak, no head wears, even their specialized weapons are weak compare to the games best weapons, not to mention cant change class

User Info: EVA_ZERO

4 years ago#4
It's not wasted. Never. You either used it accidentally or... idk, there's no other way it can disappear. I know because I kept skill points for several characters to use them on later skills, including the story characters.

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