Firsties! But seriously...

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User Info: LoatheMe

6 years ago#21
if they care so much why are there still so many problems with the pc version after SIX patches? they claim in the patch notes that a lot of these things are fixed in these patches too, but they aren't.

audio still skips like crazy or goes out of sync during cutscenes. performance is still horrible. even if system requirements are met and/or exceeded, game still lags like crazy. not even going to get into the gameplay bugs.

man I'd hate to see what would happen if the developer DIDN'T like us.

User Info: jh32uk2

6 years ago#22
I had zero audio sync issues and no real game breaking bugs with this game and that was on 2nd or 3rd patch.

I cannot comment on what issues other got and TBH I really do not care.

For a cheap indie game I was happy.

User Info: deathisajerk

6 years ago#23
For the xbla version of this game, the water dynamics were dumbed WAAAAAAY down. The pc version is much better looking, plus it's only $3. Well worth it I say.
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  3. Firsties! But seriously...

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