They need a sequel to carbon...

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User Info: rx54

6 years ago#1
The only need for speeds i really loved were NFSMW and NFSC.
I think it would be awesome if they somehow continued the story from where NFSC left off. I just love the open-world cop chases, best cop chases of any games with cop chases i've ever played.
Sadly it doesn't look like NFS The Run is going to have free roam, because it goes across the country and obviously doesn't stay in one place.
It probably won't be a bad game, but for me anyway i have a hard time playing games like this again after i've beat them.
Its like the first Assassins Creed if anyone played that, good game, but once you beat it, its basically done being used forever.
I would have been so happy in Need For Speed World was for Xbox 360 and just not PC... sigh
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User Info: FFrr00ssTT

6 years ago#2
Yea, carbon was my favorite.

I am waiting for these 2 things in this game.

1. Older Muscle cars and more of a variety. Instead of having for instance one 1977 TransAM. Have 1977TransAM, 1980 TransAM, 2000 TransAM SLI, 2000 Ws6TransAM and etc.. This goes with the same as the rest of the cars. Just more of a variety of each car, type and year.

2. The racing like carbon. Such as the tuning and such like that. Especially since driving with Manual Shifting made a difference of how you can drive and the performance of your vehicle.
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User Info: TRESemme

6 years ago#3
Carbon 2 or Most Wanted 3. I would choose these two games over ANY other. I used to like this series so much...

User Info: TRESemme

6 years ago#4
Most Wanted 2? WTF am I talking about.. Sorry meant Underground 3

User Info: thugpassion187

6 years ago#5
Carbon was the sequel to MW.You won the BMW in MW and lost it in Carbon to win it back at the end.
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User Info: WG4F_is_win

6 years ago#6
Yeah Carbon and Most Wanted were amazing
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User Info: Clutch41007

6 years ago#7
They need a sequel to carbon...

Why would they need a sequel? They never finished the first one...
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User Info: Richmaester6907

6 years ago#8

Carbon was terrible, MW is the best NFS game by far but a sequel to carbon expanding on the story would be nice.

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