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User Info: RogueSensei

5 years ago#1
I am huge fan of the NFS series. However, the online play for this game looks to be none existent. With that, I want to be able to 100% this game, how difficult is it going to be to accomplish that?

User Info: stargazer1981

5 years ago#2
I spent the better part of yesterday (48 hours after purchasing The Run) playing online play-lists. I got the 15 Solo Objectives achievement. Working on getting the Bonus Wheel and need the Group Objectives. There are races to be raced.
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User Info: RogueSensei

5 years ago#3
Sounds solid. I am finishing up with Borderlands,atm.

This is why I hate having to change GTs. So much work to get back to where you were at.

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