Best Buy Deal of The Day $5 (7/17)

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User Info: ShamaLlama

5 years ago#1
Like it says in the title, this game is $5 at Best Buy today. I ordered my copy and will be picking it up soon!
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User Info: mrbogden

5 years ago#2
This is great if you can find it in a store. There are zero in the entire state of Oregon apparently. Offering this as the deal of the day when most stored don't have it is a joke as are most Best Buy Deals.

User Info: thekozmicpig

5 years ago#3
Ordered my copy this morning and it's being prepped for shipping as I write this.

Could have done in-store pickup, but eh, I don't need it right now plus shipping is free so I save on gas.

Didn't really want this, but for $5? Can't really go wrong with any game for that price.
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  3. Best Buy Deal of The Day $5 (7/17)

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