warrior skill build help please

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User Info: nads619

6 years ago#1
besides the passive skills what other good skills are good for the warrior? help please

User Info: nads619

6 years ago#2
Anyone help?

User Info: MushuPork222

6 years ago#3
The offensive skills I use are primarily Blade Sting, Battle Stomp, Divine Sword, and Illusion (Buffed with Holy Berserker).
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User Info: nads619

6 years ago#4
Nice thanks. Anyone else? I'd really appreciate some more input.

User Info: Twisted_Impulse

6 years ago#5
I dont recommend this but here is what I did:
66% of my points went to Constitution
33% to Strength Passive
10 Skilled Defense
10 Skilled Sword
10 Skilled Evasion
10 Skilled Precision
10 Revival

8 Power Surge
1 Illusion

Total : Lvl 60
This worked amazing for normal mode!! I could literally tank all day and never worry about my health. I would never get hit past 25 dmg from a unique monster and when I could fight any boss and maybe use 1 large potion of stamina. No I never got to use any other fansy skills but I could beast all day. Only problem now is I am in hard mode and it seems like all the other unique monsters have the same setup and it is an all day fight for me to kill one... and now I have to use a large stam pot every small fight idk how I am every going to make it past the kraken and get to the city..

User Info: gabling

6 years ago#6
how can i unlock Holy Berserker?? p.s. i'm lev 60 and i can't gain no more exp what should i do?? how i can pass to the hard mode??

User Info: AkoLucifer

6 years ago#7
[spoiler] You get it after you beat the pontifus temir guy after that he gives you some of his powers. (I forgot got to spell his name)
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