Next Assassin's Creed should be set in Japan!

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6 years ago#11
junnabett posted...
Probably not India because Assassins don't really fit into the Indian culture. It would end up looking like this:

well, i guess people dont need to wait any longer for an Assassin's Creed movie...


6 years ago#12
ReVenANT1489 posted...
I've been saying this since Brotherhood came out but I personally would love an AC game set in feudal Japan. I know that there's lots of games set in that era, but not many if any are realistic. AC could make it amazing. I guess we'll have to wait and see, i'm fine with whatever place they choose next.

people have been saying that since they finished AC1 and they thought AC2 would be set in Japan because of the yona guni written in blood.

id like an AC game set in feudal Japan, but if you really want a taste of what itll be like, play Shinobido. its an awesome game! i spent many times on that game :3

User Info: habbox77

6 years ago#13

hmmm anything past the 1500's... I'd have to say either England during the civil war, France in the Napoleonic era or Spain during the Spanish Empire's reign if they still go with a European country if not Egypt is still a good option I remember seeing a comic or an artwork of an Egyptian assassin, as for Japan... I dunno we're reaching ninja and samurai territory here and those 2 are almost always exagerated upon (see; Naruto, Ninja Gaiden, InuYasha etc.) although if Ubisoft can resist going overboard with crazy ninja and samurai powers it may be interesting

User Info: junnabett

6 years ago#14
Every japanese game I see is over the top samurai action, slicing off heads, hopping on to tall buildings and random vengeance. The Ubisoft guys really know how to make a game realistic. People are saying there are too many games set in Japan but look at Red Dead Redemption- That game was so amazing even though there have been tons of games like that before. I think Ubisoft could really give a good impression in Japan and really give a good impact on the market. Also a secluded area would be great for the Assassin Order, you could walk around watching students sparrin. As for the missions you go to different villages and cities killing Templars who have allied theirselves with a group of ninjas and samurais (lol).

User Info: bobbyrk

6 years ago#15
Er, no, not really. There has only been a couple of Western games.

And besides, the Japanese have always been heavily isolated and xenophobic. The likelihood of there being any active Assassin or Templar chapters there is rather unlikely.
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User Info: fooly__cooly

6 years ago#16
Hyrule_Sage posted...
India wouldn't work due to the culture. London may be a possibility but it seems like it will need an awesome plot to be a good game. And Japan is not a good idea to me. First of all Japan has always been very closed off from the rest of the world and I find AC is more about conquerers and one man stopping them. Japan was way to peaceful. Also Japan has the samuri and overused ninjas making assassins not fit in. Oh wait I just realized something... how would Japan even know of the assassin and templar orders if it is so secluded. Sorry if this is harsh to anyone but this is what I believe.

I made a thread about this a week or so back with my theory on how they could know about the Templars/Assassins in Japan. If it was set in the 1600's or late 1500's Japan had contact with the Portugese, and later Dutch, English. Or the head of the Templars in Japan (some daimyo) knew but they kept it secret from the rest of the nation, the only other people knowing would be assassins.
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User Info: darkhisham

6 years ago#17
I personally don't think Asia fits with AC, maybe assassins in modern Asia but not older.
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User Info: c0sa n0stra

c0sa n0stra
6 years ago#18
Victorian London right on the edge of the industrial revolution would be awesome.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

6 years ago#19
It be as a ninja.

It be the game that Tenchu has strived to become for this generation.

User Info: rhb263

6 years ago#20
bobbyrk posted...
And besides, the Japanese have always been heavily isolated and xenophobic. The likelihood of there being any active Assassin or Templar chapters there is rather unlikely.

I don't think I've ever wanted to challenge one of your posts until now... you just have to look at all the history currently woven into the fiction... if they're prepared to suggest that nearly every "great figure" in history (Joan of Arc, Ghengis Khan, Dante Aligheri, etc) were in at least assassins/templars, and in most cases in possession of POE's... there's really nothing they couldn't pull off and explain someway or another.

Isolated and xenophobic, yes... but given the implied powers of the various POE's, perhaps a member of each order somehow made it to Japan with a one and kicked things off?
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