hidden gun/ throwing knife combos.

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  3. hidden gun/ throwing knife combos.

User Info: ReneeDuck

6 years ago#1
Did they take it out? I used to be able to do that in AC:BH

User Info: Mochzuki

6 years ago#2
No cuz once I stabbed someone with Vlad's sword then put the hidden gun to their face and fired. Don't know how I did it. I assume it's the same way you do it from BH.
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User Info: z_cherub

6 years ago#3
Bump - I'm interested to know this as well. Is the mechanic the same?

User Info: Mr_visari

6 years ago#4
It works just like in BH but I find that in this game it is alot smoother which is good :)
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User Info: Bulby37

6 years ago#5
They didn't take it out, it's still whack at 'em a couple times and hold the attack button and the finisher will be with the hidden gun if you're using the sword. I haven't seen the throwing knife combo yet myself, but I use the sword a lot. You don't have to have the gun equipped for it to do it, either. I think that's the only difference, cuz you don't automatically equip the gun with the sword.
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User Info: MyNameIsALie

6 years ago#6
I once did a hidden blade hidden gun double kill and another with hidden blade and knifes.

User Info: ReneeDuck

6 years ago#7
so it's the same way to do it like in AC:BH?

User Info: Stryfe89

6 years ago#8
iv never seen a throwing knife combo in any of these games.....but ya hidden gun combo are still here same as brotherhood tho stab some1 then shoot them off ur sword.
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