beating up duccio

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User Info: F-B-M

6 years ago#1

where do I find Duccio to beat him up and get the achievement?

User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

6 years ago#2
Some time after the cutscene involving him a target will appear on your map. Go there and beat him up. I found him during some memory so I just did it while I was doing the memory as well not sure if he's int he same place for everyone.
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User Info: Shah138

6 years ago#3
Wasn't he in AC2? | |

User Info: joshtheboss

6 years ago#4

He wont show up until after Sequence 4, memory 3 cause thats when he is revealed in a cutscene

User Info: sakurayule

6 years ago#5
He's the person who has a huge red target over his head on the map that says "Target". I honestly had no idea what he was until after I had finished the game. I tried killing the target, chasing the target, and other things, but I had no idea it was Duccio, so I never tried beating him up. Anywho.. Target = Duccio. Big red symbol on the map. Give him a high five. In the face.

User Info: RoxasANobody

6 years ago#6
Shah138 posted...
Wasn't he in AC2?

Yup. He was also in AC:B.
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User Info: xXRoboJoeXx

6 years ago#7
I found him while doing part 1 of one of the master assassin missions...cant remember which mission though

User Info: AXBHikaru

6 years ago#8
I just killed him.
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User Info: pj44055

6 years ago#9
RoxasANobody posted...
Shah138 posted...
Wasn't he in AC2?

Yup. He was also in AC:B.

I don't remember him all that well in Brotherhood, but he was engaged to Claudia.

Also, I literally just happened to run right past him the second the target came up while messing around last night. Needless to say, he became acquainted with the ground soon after.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

6 years ago#10
I killed him several times until I realized I should beat him up.
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