Lag or Hack?

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User Info: mo5h3rman

5 years ago#1
Ive noticed this on multiple occasions and I want to know if my anger is justified haha.
Ok so some people (always high prestige, tho it may be coincidence) can stun me from twice the range of my kill. When I got the target again, if spammed X as fast as i could on approach (and kill ALWAYS overrides stun) yet she (he probably) still stunned me easily. I then followed her around because im like that, and she stunned most people after her unless they ran.
Is there a hack like that out there, or are they lag teleporting?
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User Info: GaMiNg eLiTe

GaMiNg eLiTe
5 years ago#2
If he/she was "sliding" around to do it, or if you could start a kill animation and then get outright stunned, it was lag.

If you happened to be facing me (or someone who plays like me), I do most of my stunning with close-range Throwing Knives. From my opponents' perspective, if I time it perfectly, it basically looks like an extended stun animation with longer range. You should hear the knife impact a split-second before the stun hits if that's the case. If my pursuers run at the last second to kill me, it throws off the timing of the knives, and the stun fails (unless I anticipated their running).
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User Info: huki4101

5 years ago#3
This exact thing happened to me on PC Revelations, and I seriously thought the guy was hacking. If it were knives, you would see him throw, but this guy just waltzed up and naked stunned every pursuer he had. The only way I managed to kill him was by aerials or smoking.
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User Info: Zimmygunnar

5 years ago#4
It's probably your connection.
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