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ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#1
Having just played AC1 and 2 (and currently in a "play every AC game in order" streak), are there any Achievements in Revelations that are "missable" if you don't do everything right from the very beginning (like Conversationalist in the first game), or that just take a really long time if you miss them first time around (like Hungerer for Knowledge)? Or that are basically a one-and-done miss it and you're screwed sort of deal (like Fly Swatter in the second game)? Or are most Achievements in this game relatively easy to backtrack for if you miss them first time around?

I generally like to play through once just naturally without FAQs or guides or knowledge of what Achievements are in the game, but if there's anything that absolutely needs to be actively pursued right from the beginning I'd like to know rather than have to start a new game later solely for one or two things later.

Minimizing spoilers would be nice. Maybe just a yes or no, along with the name of the achievement?
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User Info: NL_DeeF

4 years ago#2
Nope, everything can be backtracked in the vanilla game, dunno about DLC. Since you didn't mention Brotherhood, you do realise that comes before Revelations?
ParanoidObsessive 4 years ago#3
Yeah - after playing 1 & 2, I just posted more or less this exact thread in the Brotherhood, Revelations, and AC3 forums so I could get the answer for each game in advance.

Playing Brotherhood now, actually - I'm currently in Sequence 7 with Rome at 100% renovation, and with 12 maxed-out assassins. Still have about 40 treasure chests scattered around, only did about 1/3rd of the faction quests, and so on.
"Wall of Text'D!" --- oldskoolplayr76
"POwned again." --- blight family

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