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User Info: Kooler2006

4 years ago#1
Is there any missable achievements(like lucy convos in first ac game)

I was never a big fan of Ezio compared to Altair, but I definitely like his new starting outfit more than the previous ezio ones. Perhaps its just lack of the cape...(I hated the cape. It looked dumb when freerunning)

User Info: Gray_Areas

4 years ago#2
Really? I kind of liked the cape. Especially on the Brotherhood outfit. But no, all memories are replayable and you can get any of the single player achievements you miss by replaying the older memories. The multiplayer ones however are tougher to get in my opinion because the multiplayer is semi-dead.
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User Info: Kooler2006

4 years ago#3
I guess I should clarify a bit more. I hated the cape when freerunning or riding a horse. It looked very stiff and didn't flow very well when moving fast

When standing still or walking/jogging, it wasn't bad

Just threw Massayaf White dye on and it looks pretty good

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