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User Info: Koko_138

6 years ago#1

with a few extras for utility talents for Escape or Pin Feet.

I didn't take Shooter Stance because it activates a long GCD and wastes a cooldown.
Open with;
Rapid Shot for the snare
Avulsion Shot for the DoT
Explosive Shot for the knockdown

The thing with Split Shot I'm concerned about is how a max level Rapid Shot compares?
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User Info: StabbyMcSlash

6 years ago#2
cool. my level isnt high enough but ill try it once im max.

User Info: Koko_138

6 years ago#3
There are some changes I'm making to that spec. The Vigor skill is a must for the extra 20. I'm debating the DoT but I really want the extra proc rate on my poisons.

I'm level 35 right now and have some tweaks I need to make, but I've already spent 20g on respecs so I'll wait a little while.
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