Favorite class so far?

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User Info: twohats_fisher

6 years ago#1
So I've filled all three slots with different classes now. Ranger, fire Mage, and last night started a warrior. All characters around lvl 10 (minus the warrior)

And I can't decide which class I like best. And now I wish I could try a priest.

So I'm curious what has been everybodys favorite class to play as so far.

I guess if I had to pick a favorite myself, I'd say the Mage.
What's your vote?

User Info: tortimer

6 years ago#2
I paid the money to buy the 4th character slot. I have made all four classes. Archer level 20, Mage & Monk level 10 and Warrior level 8. I really like all of them but my favorite would be the archer. He does great dps and seems to be the easiest to level so far.

User Info: webbc99

6 years ago#3
Only tried a Warrior so far, but enjoying it a lot. I love Charge, and there's a move called Pounding Glow that basically insta-kills any enemy that's next to you.
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User Info: Koko_138

6 years ago#4
I started a Monk and hit 17, but I hated the downtime (OOM) so I re-rolled a Ranger and speced assassin. It was cool, but there isn't enough utility until deeper in the tree so I switched to Archer and love it so much. I took a warrior to 12 but wasn't really impressed.
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User Info: DemonBuffet

6 years ago#5
I tried a Archer, and absolutely hated it.
Then I made my Military Monk, and its my favorite now at level 22.
Hits so friggin hard some of my duel enemys are dumbfounded when they see they were knocked out in 5 seconds thanks to some ridiculous combos.
Plus, it can pack a buttload of armor and the mana problem is solved when you get a talent that heals your mana as you dodge and get the talent that increases your dodge/parry, meaning oom is less of a problem >=]

User Info: CannondaleBob

6 years ago#6
I have Ranger Archer at lv 31 and think it is awesome. I also played warrior to lv 12, and liked it as well but not as much as ranger. I did divine monk to lv 10, it is fun being able to buff and heal people in trouble, but overall I still like Ranger the best.

Great game, lots of ways to play depending on your taste. Plus there hasn't even been a update yet and the gameplays really well with lots to do already. Seems like so many other new MMOs that come out kinda stink at 1st , and get better as they are updated, but this game is good already, so it can only get better right?
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