Original Route Endings (Spoilers)

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User Info: Ranadiel

5 years ago#1
So I finished my first playthrough of the game yesterday....and then went through and got all the original route endings(well still short three familiar endings). I figured I would share my thoughts on the endings I got and see what everyone else thought. Obviously there may be spoilers from this.

General ending thoughts: I'm glad I did the original route first. I like that I got to get a baseline to get an idea of what was changed when I start my moddified route playthrough. I have to say though that the original ending has some serious issues.

The biggest one is Vester because there is no explanation for him at all. I sort of get what he is from various bits of the storyline, but there are a lot of details that are just left unexplored. I'm hopeful though that this will all get handled in the modified route.

Another issue was the whole Cerv being missing for a whole year. Where the heck was he? Why was he there? How did he get back? Why did it take a freaking year? I doubt this one will ever be explained, but it really bugged me. I'm probably just going to headcanon that he got sent to the past where he merged with his past self, caused the modified route in the new timeline and then got unmerged and sent back to his original timeline.

One other bit that bugged me was that everyone seemed to forget Frayne existed during their ending. Almost all of them went on about how no one else remembered Cerv completely forgetting that Frayne existed. I know it was mostly for drama or something, but it still bugged me.

Now onto specific ending thoughts:

No one: Oddly probably one of my top three endings. I like that everyone remembers in this ending. Seems odd since it is the only ending you can get if you fubar everyone's relationships, but I still liked it.

Mel: I laughed during this one for the wrong reasons. You get a scene of Frayne trying to convince everyone that Cerv was real, a scene of Mel getting ready to leave, and then when you show up Mel says she is dragging you with her. My thoughts simply were, "Cerv is just going to leave resulting in everyone thinking Frayne is crazy forever isn't he?" And then I laughed.

Syndney: Liked her short romance, and I thought this was an alright end to it.

Hein: Another one that is probably in my top three. Best reappearance scene of all the endings.

Vallery: Meh.

Remus: The only way to explain my feelings on this ending is to go through my thoughts during it. "Okay so this is more like the girl endings than the guy endings. Well Cerv and Remus being in a relationship is fine I guess. Not my thing but whatever." *reads Remus saying that his relationship with Cerv is just like with his father a few seconds later, Remus blushing follows shortly afterwards* "....Ahhh the timing of that line could not have been worse. Did not need to know that. Where's the brain bleach?"

Regina: Sweet ending.

Eliza: I liked it....I think. I only sort of remember it. Must of started dozing off around this point.

Leona: Why the heck did everyone forget Leona only in this ending. It makes no sense! >.>

Frayne: I like some parts of it but as a whole it didn't leave much of an impact.

Familiar D-YN: Probably my favorite ending because it is the closest to "everyone is happy" kind of ending since it is the only one where my familiar survived. Have to wonder what Maggie's reaction to my familiar's homunculus coming to life was considering she wouldn't have remembered why she made it in the first place. Oh well one less casualty. Hurray!
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User Info: alas9988

5 years ago#2
About Crev missing it was actually explained in Growlanser IV RETURN, which is a visual novel. But if you google around you will find some summaries about the story though, so no worries.

User Info: Inverse1983

5 years ago#3
The short answer is that he spends the time in the world where Growlanser III took place. If you look up the FAQ for Growlanser IV Return it'll summarize what happens but, IMO, it's not very interesting and just feels like a tacked on way to connect this game with the previous Growlansers.

User Info: Ranadiel

5 years ago#4
Geez what is it with the world of Growlanser 3 and taking people from other games? First it was the entire cast of Growlanser 2(which included the main character from Growlanser 1) then the main character from Growlanser 4. When will it be satisfied? How many more main characters must it eat?

I think I'll just stick with my head canon explanation though.
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