level cap increase with old blues dlc ?

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  3. level cap increase with old blues dlc ?

User Info: AmnesiaHaze

6 years ago#1

are there any extra level ups in this dlc ?

User Info: RKZX2

6 years ago#2
i believe it's 5 levels per dlc map.

User Info: Kahimaster

6 years ago#3

So the cap is lvl 45? But for some reason I got to lvl 46 and can keep on going...

User Info: Wozarion

5 years ago#4
Same, i got 46 and can keep lving.
I guessed they cancelled 1 dlc but who knows.A game this buggy i am surprised they didn't cancel them all to focus on whatever come next...but that's another topic.
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User Info: MHettenbach

5 years ago#5
the level cap with all 3 DLC installed is 50. but i think thats a glitch, it was supposed to be 45 until Lonesome Road.

I hadn't heard anything about lonesome road being cancelled. tho I know it was delayed till end of August.

User Info: Isaac20

5 years ago#6
The level cap is indeed supposed to be 45 with the three DLCs installed, but there's a bug unique to the PS3 version that lets you go further than that. Lonesome Road was delayed until at least September (the announcement only said that it would not be released in August) but no date has been given yet.
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  2. Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues
  3. level cap increase with old blues dlc ?

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