I wanted to unlock the characters

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  3. I wanted to unlock the characters

User Info: person1379

6 years ago#1
I actually feel I learned to play bit by bit by unlocking the characters and then resetting the memory and trying on a harder difficulty. I really enjoyed beating Seth over and over with every character. You don't have to do that in this one, and while it wouldn't really impact how good the game is, because I can still beat the game with every character if I so choose, (which I will) I can't help but feel that if this was my first fighting game instead of Vanilla SFIV, I might not have gotten into it so much. Unlocking Gouken for the first time was seriously rewarding for a newb like me. Did they change the challenges in this game?

User Info: Plinky89

6 years ago#2

This is not a new game, it's an update. It would be cruel to force people to restart a game all over again lol.
Anyway fighting games shines on online matches, so you will feel more rewarded by defeating some very skilled players all around the world instead of unlocking a character by defeating an AI that, even on the hardest difficulty, eats random ultras from fullscreen :P

User Info: Roddy225

6 years ago#3
You still have the challenges of facing suped up version of Gouken/Akuma/E.Ryu/Oni in Arcade if you so wish, but all is unlocked.

The AI in this game is terrible, get online and test urself ;)
UK Rodriguez225 (360) Roddy225 (PSN)

User Info: silvermirage

6 years ago#4
Not including the hidden characters, SF4 had like 16 or so characters initially, Super had about 35 characters initially.

Given that for most people, the purpose of getting this game is to play other human players, forcing them to finish the game 35 times is asking a bit too much...

User Info: jake-sf

6 years ago#5
If the bots were designed in more than 2 minutes (creating AI is hard, but not as impossible a task than people seems to believe), then maybe it would be interesting.

But I don't even see how anybody can have any enjoyment out of the CPUs, which means lots of people find it an extreme chore to even think about unlocking characters.

If they actually tried to give bots proper reaction, force them to go through input sequences, react differently depending on your previous actions, etc... Then maybe it would actually be fun. But they're just high reaction cheating predictable punks.

User Info: Dukealicious

6 years ago#6
For me fighting against real people is easier because you can manipulate and play mind games with real people. On the hardest difficulty the computer beats me(unless I exploit a move). Just too random.
---once an astronaut moves into your neighborhood its all over.
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  3. I wanted to unlock the characters

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