How is Legendary Souls?

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User Info: Menalque2

5 years ago#1

I'm thinking of buying this game as I enjoyed the character customisation in Soul Calibur IV. However, I would prefer never to have an experience like the Tower of Lost Souls from SCIV again.

I understand Legendary Souls is a boss rush mode. The impression I've gotten from the internet is that it is very hard, but also quite short and that they have done away with the scope of previous mission modes.

Is repeatedly playing this mode required in order to unlock every piece of clothing and equipment or can I just ignore it for the most part?

Also, is it less broken than the Tower of Lost Souls? (ie how you were able to beat Algol by basically spamming him to death)

User Info: Cervosi

5 years ago#2
Legendary Souls is p much an arcade path with the cheapest gog damn AI to exist.

You have to cheese your way through it. And, there's no real reward for it if you've unlocked Kilik and Algol.
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User Info: L_M_4

5 years ago#3
Legendary Souls is basically "Very Hard" arcade mode.

On average, it seems to take about 20 minutes to an hour to beat, counting retries, You'll unlock 2 characters from it (that can be unlocked in alternate ways), and have no reason or desire to ever play it again.
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User Info: Dark-Star13

5 years ago#4

Like these guys said, if you're an "average" player like me, you won't beat round one....

User Info: RedRoover

5 years ago#5
The only character I found to be really annoying was Edge Master because he was able to pull off the Just Frames needed for aPat's style perfectly which meant he only needed a good two or three combos to kill you. Elysium gets a mention as well for her ability to punish pretty much everything you do.

Everyone else I felt was challenging but not "cheap". Except Algol. Algol was a complete joke even though he was the end boss. It's a good mode if you want to test your skills though the AI may frustrate you at times.
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User Info: GNR13

5 years ago#6
Legendary Souls is probably gonna feature the most hardest AI ever to go up against you will get more of a challenge from legendary souls then online
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User Info: xionvalkyrie

5 years ago#7

You can cheese your way through it with a few tactics that baffle the AI if you just want to beat it.   However, it's actually a pretty useful tool for learning if you don't cheese it.  

The AI is brutal in that it'll punish whiffs (probably more so than any human player could) so it really forces you to not throw out moves unless you know it'll hit or get blocked.  

Pretty much any unsafe move gets punished, so you need to know what's safe with your character and stick with it (range plays a huge part too).   If your character can punish, it forces you to be pretty tight with the punish timing, especially on EdgeMaster (Patsuka) and Elysium (Pyrrha Omega) as if you're even a few frames too slow they'll block and punish your punisher instead.   It also teaches you to step more often, since they break guard pretty quickly if you just block everything.  

Finally, it really forces you to learn your damage dealing combos, as you need to be able to punish the AI for every mistake it makes as the AI punishes you heavily for yours, so you'll lose the damage race if all you do is poke the AI when he can take away half your bar with one mistake.


User Info: ironbru

5 years ago#8
The AI in this mode aren't hard because there good, there hard because they cheat. Not only are they set on the highest difficultly level but they also read your button inputs so they can try and counter everything you do. They do this a lot, most of the time with perfect timing. l managed to finish the mode in about 50 minutes spamming Violas's forward forward A+B. There are only 7 different characters to fight and they are always the same.
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User Info: Eurashal

5 years ago#9
Also, it may make you despise Edge Master. Due to the style he's stuck with.

Also there's a trophy for winning round 3 using a Brave Edge, but that's best done on the first battle with Raphael.
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User Info: YermomHoudini

5 years ago#10
everything you can get in legendary souls, you can get it in quick battle or arcade mode.

no trophy for beating legendary souls either.
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