I enjoy Sophitia's breasts

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User Info: BillbertPatches

5 years ago#71
Unos_Hambalos posted...
Yes, I get your point wanting people to take this game seriously and you don't like seeing this game turn into something like DOA. But I still don't think breasts and derping the gameplay go hand-in-hand. It's possible to have enjoyable breasts and gameplay at the same time, right? It's all up to the developers though.

Breasts aren't my reason for getting this came. But I appreciate them. That aside, I also enjoy the game for the gameplay, characters and (somewhat) story. You enjoy it for your reasons. And don't get me started with googling hentai because I do abuse hentai already without you telling me to do it. In fact, I even scanlate hentai.

You're right, it's possible to have "enjoyable" breasts without derping the gameplay.

I feel as though gimmicks attract the wrong people to the community, basically people who'd rather watch porn than play a game, people who don't even understand the game.

If Namco asked the community what they want in the next game, you'd probably get 60,000 or so people saying "derp, double Ivy's boobs again!", while 10,000 people will ask for better modes, characters, balance changes, better netcode, new or old features (such as supers and critical finishers).

60 vs 10, who wins?

Anyway, I get the feeling you understood all this already. You made your point and you made it well. Good game.
A good game shouldn't need sex appeal to be successful.

User Info: BillbertGundam

5 years ago#72
Don't let this topic die like Sophitia!

User Info: Sumo_Thug

5 years ago#73
lol ok. I figured you'd be different because that fierce troll we both know usually has a lot of misspellings.
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User Info: Kunai_Climb

5 years ago#74
This is a serious discussion about Sophitia's mams.

User Info: Dat_Man

5 years ago#75
Same here, TC. Wouldn't be the same game without 'em.

User Info: vega2505

5 years ago#76
I prefer Ivy better, but since they completely change the way she plays with each game, I'm tried of having to re-learn her every time...so I used Sophitia since her style works well.
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User Info: Kunai_Climb

5 years ago#77
According to the official breast size chart, Sophitia's huge - she's like an F cup or something. It's crazy.
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