Does anyone else get really angry?

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User Info: RaidenDirty

5 years ago#1
I play this game to the best of my ability, and when I lose, sometimes I think I should have won. Sometimes I think the other player used cheap tactics, spammed, and didn't deserve to win. Sometimes, that Siegfried just never let me go close enough. Sometimes, that Maxi just would not leave me a frame.

Therefore, I must scream at the TV. I have probably called a few of you here a number of terrible profanities. Once, I pushed back so hard on my reclining chair it bent so far as to cut a whole in the wall.

The thing is I know I'm not a bad player. I think I have just one less notch of "etiquette" than the majority of players, and that is why I lose.

To be fair, if I am utterly trounced by someone's ability to effectively use the entire pool of a character's arsenal, or if I made a number of defensive mistakes, I can move on.

But usually, it's two-to-two, and we're one or two hits away. When I lose in situations like these, it infuriates me. I'm a tad dramatic, of course, but the rage that builds up needs to scream, roar, cuss, hit, and stomp.

I'm sure I'm worse than what is normal, but, does anyone empathize?

User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#2
This is exactly why I haven't played online yet lol. When I get beat by the cpu I can take it but online it gets frustrating because you know that everyone will see your record. Then again when you beat an opponent you feel relieved so it's kinda an even trade.

User Info: psyprox

5 years ago#3
Personally I only break my hand on my knee when I get rolled for doing all the wrong moves, forgetting the majority of my movelist and inputting late costing me the match.
Shame on you, hand. Shame.
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User Info: MegaKirby

5 years ago#4
You have my sympathy.

I'm very controlled when it comes to losing in games, I may get mad, but I just try to shrug it off, and don't hurt myself or hit random stuff. Still, sometimes you just deserve a win, or rather, someone else didn't deserve a win. It mostly happens with ringouts, though against a decent Astaroth player I get pretty irritated. Massive attack and grab range, and can kill you in just a few hits pretty easily.

Yesterday I found out one of Raphael's grabs has pretty ridiculous forward knockback, I got ringed out twice when I was pretty far from the ledge. Almost perfected them, he threw out a grab, I lose.

The thing that gets me the most is random critical edges. They're just... Ugh. Randomed out for like 80 damage. I also hate when people throw out critical edges that are safe on block... I wish Soul Calibur never went this route. It's the thing that bothers me the most with other fighters, random hypers punishing you for running or throwing a jab...
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User Info: Drake Aldan

Drake Aldan
5 years ago#5
I used to get real salty.

Three years later, I've calmed down...

You get mad because you're frustrated... frustration comes from not having a concrete understanding of what just happened.

When you get mad- that's a signal to study! It's learning time.

Every time you lose, it's a learning opportunity. If you spend your time being angry because you lost, you'll miss it...
Whoa, Kimosabe.
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User Info: ElementalDusk

5 years ago#6
I get heated also. If someone simply outclasses me, I just get over it.

Those Xiba's that expertly wield all 47 of their chromosomes to mash the I Win button, for instance. I know I am also to blame to letting myself get cheesed, there is nothing in this game that is "Too cheap to beat", however, it just irritates me that people don't bother trying to get better, they are comfortable in seeking out the lamest method to get wins, and sticking with that.

Never been a fan of the ring out system, or a block button either, but those are just petty complaints. I just feel like all fighting games should agree that hold back on the joystick = block.

User Info: KMoriartyCRC

5 years ago#7
ShadowBoyZX posted...
This is exactly why I haven't played online yet lol. When I get beat by the cpu I can take it but online it gets frustrating because you know that everyone will see your record. Then again when you beat an opponent you feel relieved so it's kinda an even trade.

I'm the opposite. The high-level CPU gets me mad with its shenanigans (impossible sidesteps, JGs, GIs, breaking throws 9 out of 10 times etc).

Agaisnt human players...I take a loss fairly well, undeserved or not. I do get mad a few times but only at myself, I never blame the opponent for my loss.
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User Info: Drake Aldan

Drake Aldan
5 years ago#8
There are a few changes in philosophy that you have to make in order to improve.

- You don't have to use the entire moveset. This isn't Devil May Cry, no SSStylish ranking.

If I can win the match doing BBBBBBBB all day, I'll do that.

Don't show off in front of your opponent. Do what you need to do to win. That means playing dirty, that means using simple things and basics when you need to, that means busting out the 13-hit combo when it's time. That means using the low sweep four times in a row if the other guy keeps getting hit with it.

(See, it's mindgames. He thought I was gonna go mid after the fourth sweep, so I swept him again.)

- If you feel cheated after a loss, you definitely need to start looking at frame data, looking at the replay, analyzing the moves you got hit with in Training mode, etc. etc. No strategy is infallible. There are weaknesses. Your success relies on you exploiting those weaknesses.

- You have to learn to read your opponent. Especially online, people can be very predictable. You need to counter their moves and make them pay for not adapting.

- Relax.

The game is for having fun. Have some fun! If you lose, no big deal. Hit the lab after, it's all good.

If you're too serious and you're focused on winning... you're not focused on playing.
Whoa, Kimosabe.
Big ballin' is my hobby.

User Info: TheSuperGameGod

5 years ago#9
It's been proven the people who get really angry at video games, or just plain angry at video games end up getting high blood pressure sometime in their life. High blood pressure leads to strokes, heart attacks, and even death.

User Info: zeppelin312

5 years ago#10

Not really, I expeirence dissapointment or confusion. After which I either move on or try and figure out what happened and how I screwed up. I don't really enjoy somebody doing low jabs for a whole match with xiba, but I take an oppurtunity to learn what I can do against it.

Hatemail when sent to me after the other person wins does tend to make me angry though.

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