If Namco release a "Super" version of the game, would you buy it?

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  3. If Namco release a "Super" version of the game, would you buy it?

User Info: LuminousSpark

5 years ago#1
I'm usually against re-releasing the enhance version of the same like what Capcom did with MvC3, but since this game was awfully rushed I'm willing to pay $40~$50 for an enhance version of what the game intended to be.

User Info: Vertigo6377

5 years ago#2
Yeah, I think I would too. I'd much rather the missing stuff be released as DLC, but I'll take whatever I can get at this point.

User Info: VorpalSeraph

5 years ago#3
Not if it was MVC3 -> UMVC3, but is it was SFIV -> SSFIV then yes.
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User Info: syctheweilder

5 years ago#4

User Info: Viriless

5 years ago#5
http://z10.invisionfree.com/Project__Mayhem (visit site ^_^)

User Info: chibisixtyeight

5 years ago#6


5 years ago#7
fo sho!!!

User Info: SuperHappyTreee

5 years ago#8
I would definitely buy it like any hardcore fan.

If they do make a new version, it must have Talim and Zasalamel in it, support or include the previous version's dlc. Have improvements in Single Player, either training challenges, character endings, better story or some new fun mode.

Namco has the gameplay and online portion nailed in the current version, they just need to beef up areas that many find lacking and at least add missing styles. But I don't think Namco will release another version of SC5 sadly, once all on disc DLC has been released we will have to wait a few years for the next installment.

Like Street Fighter 4, the first version will be training wheels for most and then for the next version, everyone starts off with a clean win/loss ratio.

User Info: Drake Aldan

Drake Aldan
5 years ago#9
fo sho!!!
Whoa, Kimosabe.
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User Info: JediMasta12

5 years ago#10
I would buy it for no more than $20. but even that is pushing it.
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  3. If Namco release a "Super" version of the game, would you buy it?

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