Worst Soul Calibur.

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User Info: Ayatsuri_Rinku

5 years ago#1
This is EASILY the worst Soul Calibur. (excluding SCL) So much of the old characters are NOT in it. For example, Talim could have been in it. But no, instead we got crappy, new, soul-less characters that replaced the old characters, but horribly. All the new characters they added are bland. Oh, and the whole bottom row of characters is a big **** you to the fans. Algol is the only good character in there. There are THREE mimic characters. THREE. One mimics all, one mimics females and the other males. Soul Calibur IV had the option to do that, but it didn't ****ing take up three character slots. Oh, and Kilik is a mimic character. A beloved character that has been with the series since the beginning, is now a mimic character. Mimic characters are just an excuse to be lazy, and SCV....is LAZY. Pyrrha Omega and Alpha Patroklos are stupid. Patroklos has Setsuka's moveset for no reason and the fact that its Patroklos again is lazy as hell. Also, Pyrrha is just herself, again, but eviiiilll WHOOAOA!!! CRAZY! Ezio is also a boring guest character. SCIV had three guest characters. They were also Star Wars characters. How cool is that? But no, Ezio.

Single player mode is weak and so are the characters. The excuse the gameplay is fun is dumb. The game has a crappy roster, so why would I want to play as characters that suck?

Well, that's my two bits.

User Info: Porcupine

5 years ago#2
Plus the excuse that the gameplay is fun is not even universally accepted. There are numerous players both casual and hardcore who think the gameplay of this game is also the worst of any Soul Calibur. Perhaps the closest thing to a method of objectively rating gameplay is to look at the number of glitches in a game, and the fact is that Soul Calibur 5 has way more gameplay glitches than any previous Soul Calibur game.

Also I think even Algol was a dumb choice for a returnee. He's a boss character and should have been a one-time only character. It was crazy to throw out other characters in favor of Algol.

User Info: YermomHoudini

5 years ago#3
not that many game breaking ones.
I mean nothing we have seen in this game so far could compete against variable cancel.
if you miss traditional SoulCalibur arcade stories add this to your sig & like this page

User Info: Zeona

5 years ago#4

Yeah I'm really annoyed with the bottom set of characters, there was no need for them, they could have returned other characters like Seong Mi-Na, Talim, Yun Seong etc

Still the game can be fun, creation is so much more advanced and quite interesting but there doesn't seem much in game modes, at the moment Quick Play is my main one but the computer likes spamming in it

Somehow I get the feeling I'm going to lose interest in this game the fastest ever

User Info: Cosmic_Coyote

5 years ago#5
The roster is stupid
No fan favorite returning is stupid
Killing or "missing" characters for no reason is stupid
Taking out unique styles and characters like Zazalamel or simply destroying the moveset of some characters was stupid.
From all characters... Algol Boss of SCIV returning is stupid.
SCIV Soul Calibur and Soul Edge models locked for AI only use is stupid
SCIV Nightmare, Seigfried and Inferno Cervantes locked just to lulz the players is STUPID.
Legendary Souls AI locked on very hard is stupid
The weapon selection is stupid
No endings in arcade is a stupid decision
No Arcade Boss is both lazy and stupid
Only 50 slots for CaS is simply moronic
And counting the 3rd outfit for the regular cast between these already 50 slots is even more stupid
No in game models of the characters displayed when you are selecting chars is stupid.
CaS pieces conflits and color limitations are often stupid.
Devil Jin style in a weapon based franchise is stupid (but well I suppose not that bad)
$$ DLC pieces that are worthless is stupid
Dampierre being DLC on day 1 is stupid
Not including Dampierre in the CE of SCV because you didn´t bout it on Best Buy was stupid
Releasing the game the same day as FF XIII-2 and one month before SFxT when the UMvsC3 costume packs were also in progress was very stupid.

I like the game seriously I do but it´s like if Namco were trying to kill the Scoul Calibur series with this kind of B/S

User Info: Porcupine

5 years ago#6
I think the gameplay glitches in this game are game-breaking.

As I said in posts long ago...I never thought Variable Cancel was a terrible bug. The community made a big deal about it but I did not agree with their opinion. And if patches didn't exist for the modern console, I can guarantee the community would be in an uproar over this game far worse than Variable Cancel.

In terms of game-breakingness or just negative influence, I personally would rank the major glitches as follows:

#1 - Just Guard (SC5)....arguably not a glitch since it was an intended mechanic, but not planned well and not functioning as intended, it's fact that the input method of Just Guard was changed just weeks before release.

#2 - Fuzzy Guard (SC2 Arcade Version A)

#3 - Step Guard (SC4 version)

#4 - Fuzzy Guard (SC5)

#5 - Step Guard (SC2)

#6 - Variable Cancel also known as G225 glitches (SC3 console version)

#7 - 2G glitches (SC2)

Don't forget that Variable Cancel glitches had two different versions. One type was character-specific to only Mitsurugi, Setsuka, and maybe a couple others, and worked different for each character. The other type was global and only applied to Guard Impacts. There's no law that says you have to Guard Impact if you don't want to, so the general Variable Cancel glitch didn't do much in my opinion. The character-specific version made a difference, but only to like one character, so it can't really be called any different of a glitch than SC4 Ivy's infinite combo or Hilde doom combo, etc.

User Info: syctheweilder

5 years ago#7
It would be more accurate to say that the very hard difficulty was regulated to it's own mode.

Which i guess is kinda stupid too.

User Info: Zeona

5 years ago#8

Cosmic_Coyote posted...

Releasing the game the same day as FF XIII-2

I'll second that, I had to choose between FF XIII - 2 and SC V but when the demo for FF XIII- 2 came into the playstation store and I played it, it made the choice easier for me so SC V just kind of got left until I'd completed FF but it's so annoying two games I love coming out together. 

User Info: shinigamiefa

5 years ago#9
Your madness! How it shines like a beckon!
Your suffering, how it does soothe me. . . .
(Nightmare) Num num num num . . .
---"One does never fail, but succeed in finding a solution that does not arrive at the desired result"---

User Info: SN_Art

5 years ago#10

I like it.
I understand what you're saying and I can agree with most of it; but I'm having tons of fun with this game.
If you really want to play as the other characters why not just play SC4/3/2?

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