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User Info: Wandrian

5 years ago#11
I haven't, but the few good ones I've fought have been pretty good(I don't think I've won a single round against a *GOOD* Zwei yet). At the same time though, from my perspective it's more that I just don't know what to do against a *GOOD* Zwei player yet than the character being good. From what I can tell he's terribly outmatched against a player of equal skill. If he's not on the offensive, he doesn't have many worthwhile tools outside of Ein to turn the flow of battle back to his favor. I maintain that it's purely my fault for not knowing the matchup when I lose to a *GOOD* Zwei player, not because Zwei is a good character :P

tl;dr: skill > tier
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User Info: Landonio

5 years ago#12
^Considering the entire idea of tiers are based around the characters being used at their maximum "skill" potential and not just who people "think is good", but on the other side of the coin, nobody really knows what each character's true potential really is. Not just for this game but for most fighters.
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User Info: xTBX_FaTaLx

5 years ago#13
Well true, skill beats tier.

User Info: jellybeanmaster

5 years ago#14
Lol at Devil Jin. Like wtf guy for realz?!

User Info: Cyris_Winheim

5 years ago#15
To put this age-old question to rest, I'm going to determine the tiers the only way one can: by pitting everyone against everyone else and seeing the results.

I will be updating this over the next several days until all 325 matches are over, so stay tuned.
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User Info: Ravariel

5 years ago#16
For 99.9% of the population (read: all of you in here, me included) this is the real tier list:

wtfbroken tier: Everyone you suck against.

"Ok, but could use some buffs" tier: who you play

"lolgarbage" tier: Everyone you can beat regularly.
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User Info: DarkBlueAnt

5 years ago#17
I'm only really qualified to talk about Aeon, and I think he's still the worst outside of maybe Dampierre. He still lacks tricks. The patch did make him better though, since his 4B can now combo off a counter hit into some damage or a ring out. That's a big buff since 4B was his fastest punish and poke, but wasn't capable of damage before. Now he has a reason to use it. His increased throw range helps too.

So yeah. Still can't fool people, but now he can at least punish mistakes.

I also think Hilde got a little worse outside of a potential big combo (or infinite), but that combo is difficult for me to even get started in training and I've never seen anyone pull it off in a fight. We'll just have to wait and see.

User Info: numbthumbs03

5 years ago#18

There seems to be a distinct lack of Yoshi in your tier list, Wandrian o_O. Tier placement won't affect my choice in him as a main / sub since I've already begun training with him, but I am curious about the general opinion on him, as it may highlight areas of weakness that I need to focus on.

Can anyone support or critique Yoshi's placement at B tier in the OP? Thanks for any info! 

User Info: steve_ennox

5 years ago#19
The OP was more than likely a troll, either that or someone who knows NOTHING about the game.

Yoshi is a good character. He isn't top tier material but he's definitely up there. That iMCF is still very scary. He's still suffering from his SC3->4 nerfs, but I haven't played him enough to tell if he was overall improved/weakened in this game.
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User Info: Wandrian

5 years ago#20

I've posted that exact list twice and both times completely forgot Yoshi. I agree with him being a B-tier character though. To me, fighting him feels like fighting a half-Voldo and half-Mitsurugi character. But y'know, that's just my psychotic opinion just like the rest of the tier list I posted.
Dislcaimer: sharing an opinion or offering advice is in no way a statement of belief in personal greatness.
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