1.03 Patch. Discuss.

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User Info: lune24

5 years ago#1

The latest patch was out on 17th April.

-Mitsurugi 236B glitch fixed

-It's no longer possible to 1-frame duck from backturned state when evading Ivy's CE.

-Same for Astaroth

-The second hit of Algol's 66A+B doesn't float the opponent quite as high as before.

-Decreased blockstun on ZWEI's 66A+B. Should now be possible to step EIN after blocking the first hit.

-Viola's 6B+K and CE no longer force the opponent standing.

-The stun time on Leixia's CE has been decreased. Meaning, no more double CE combos.

Nothing mentioned about aPat but I feel that his 1B:B is back to what it was before 1.02 i.e. 2 frame window.
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User Info: steve_ennox

5 years ago#2
ZWEI and Leixia nerfs wat

At least they left Raph alone...
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User Info: Voodoo_Voldo

5 years ago#3
Gimme some Voldo buffs ^_^
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User Info: Jukain

5 years ago#4
They need to make Siegfried not suck again. Dx;;
"In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice." ~ The Grey Wardens

User Info: SoulRequiem2

5 years ago#5
There's another? I better take note on Mitsurugi and Viola
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User Info: Wandrian

5 years ago#6
Has anyone found any unlisted changes yet? I haven't checked 8WR yet. I'm hoping they fix several really stupid whiffing issues(Tira's CE, half of Siegfried's movelist, et cetera).
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User Info: whirow

5 years ago#7
Sieg didn't suck in the 1st place lol
If you know Japanese you can read the adjustments here, nothing major, but it is translated properly in the 1st post
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User Info: biolink

5 years ago#8
Thank God they put 1B back to what it was if its true. Have to test for myself. Never should have messed with it in the first place

User Info: I_am_Zuo_Kang

5 years ago#9
The only buffs I want for Siegfried is:
- Increased tracking for some of his moves like his whiff punisher 22 or 88BB.
- Increased speed for his stance transitioning
- His 4B should stun on hit since that's one of his better options at close distance.
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User Info: UrbanChameleon

5 years ago#10
Why the hell are they buffing Astaroth, ugh
Gamertag / PSN: OZombiePenguinO
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