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User Info: Rikoudo

6 years ago#1


Credits to Des.

User Info: Ultimate_Sennin

6 years ago#2
Awesome!! Thanks Des

User Info: yoshibirdofan

6 years ago#3
Kind of dissapointing, but thanks anyway!
Iwata: (Laughs)
Pokemon Platinum: 0990-4635-2418

User Info: Seishinmahou

6 years ago#4
cool, can't wait for the the clearer one
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User Info: Rikoudo

6 years ago#5

yoshibirdofan posted...
Kind of dissapointing, but thanks anyway!
Iwata: (Laughs)
Pokemon Platinum: 0990-4635-2418

No prob, and now at least you have confirmation of Gai being playable in the game!

User Info: CornerCheck

6 years ago#6
GAI Sensei! *_*
P.S. The lack of Susanoo is disturbing. I guess giant awakenings really are going to be an boss only feature. Oh well, we got Generations to cover that part :D

User Info: Jrx1

6 years ago#7
No Madara >_> ?

User Info: miester211

6 years ago#8

Looking better and better.
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User Info: Mistrophera

6 years ago#9
maybe the next PV will reveal sasuke's susanoo to be an awakening or, more likely, his ultimate jutsu.

User Info: ramyuchiha

6 years ago#10

sasuke s susanoo has been comfirmed:D and this page caint b changed by anyone like the wiki page

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