Goku vs Hulk

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User Info: Knowledge_King

6 years ago#31
Wolfwood44 posted...
If you've read the comics, you understand that the Hulk is a beast.

Yes, all DBZ characters are nuts, but this doesn't always mean they trump every other character ever.

And, btw, I dislike the Hulk strongly and am much more of a DBZ fan.

Goku>over 90% of the Marvel Universe/DC Universe/Etc... That isn't to say he can't be beaten.

I saw somewhere that there was math done out to calculate Superman's power level based on how much he can lift and it was rediculously high (and I HATE Superman). I always wanted to see if that math was correct/reasonable but never thought to look again...

I disagree. More like Goku>65-70% of Marvel or DC Universe. There's far too many heroes and villains that have gotten ridiculous buffs, putting them on Goku's level or above when previously they wouldn't have been near him. IE. Storm, Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Ice Man for Marvel.
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User Info: Pirateking2000

6 years ago#33
Again it probably all comes down to how pissed off Hulk is

I mean Goku is an idiot Hulk is a genius (based on what we go with)

plus a really pissed off Hulk can be broken as **** seriously didn't he get so pissed off once he took a step and nearly sunk a continent? Plus he closed a black hole with his bare hands I think
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User Info: kakarotozero

6 years ago#34
Doomsday beats goku and Hulk

User Info: Pirateking2000

6 years ago#35
Well time to end this then

This beats Goku and Hulk even if they fusion danced (CREATING HOKU)

XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: LordNobunaga

6 years ago#36
Sure Hulk may win against Goku if he hits him while pissed, but Hulk is too slow in his attacks so he couldn't hit Goku at all. Especially if we're talking Frieza Saga and beyond.
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User Info: addicting159

6 years ago#37
guys wasnt it said that freiza could rip namek in half in his second form wit his bear hands and goku got so strong by the end of z hulk couldnt win goku was far more fast than light not encluding super sayian
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User Info: Eggroll360

6 years ago#38
Goku vs Hirudegarn. Goku doesn't fight back, then gets the advantage.
Goku vs Hulk. Goku doesn't fight, Hulk isn't angry anymore, Goku pow pow

User Info: Pirateking2000

6 years ago#39
^ That wouldn't stop Hulk from being angry if anything Goku would just get his ass kicked perhaps if Goku played KO I guess but does Goku ever do that?
XBL GT: Demon Ninja X2
"There comes a time in every man's or woman's life where they have to make **** up to cover their ass." - Hazama

User Info: TheBatman11

6 years ago#40
What you are saying makes no sense.
They just use enegy and anyone from marvel or Dc will be killed instantly.

The only ones who have a chance are those who have mental powers and can kill instantly.
In a fair fight no ones beating Dbz characters.
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