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User Info: Bryan_Skull

5 years ago#1
If they ever make a number 2. I would like to see this in it.

Bring in all first forms. And other missing forms. Bring in all of the Ginyu Force members not just 4 out of 5. And bring in important minions of Frieza. As well as other Frieza minons. Also bring in cooler.

Now then onto improvements for hero mode.

Allow female heroes but limited them to small and normal heroes slots. Bring in more clothing. Heroes can go to ss4. But they have to transform into ss1,ss2,ss3 forms first. They get the ss4 look. No female heroes aren't naked. They wear a shirt or some other female clothing. Female hero clothing is different then male hero clothing. Sayain armor is in both. Also more clothing. Like the new sayain armor. The one Vegeta wears in the cell saga.

Also hero mode allows for 9 heroes to be made. 3 of each body type. It still has all the stuff this hero modes has. But new stuff has been added.

You can train to get to ss3 form. You have to master ss1 and ss2 first. To get to ss2 you have to master ss1 form first. To get to ss4 you have to master ss3 form first. Then wish it from the dragon balls.

Also the player hero can wish to become stronger in there stats. Ranking up stats by 1. Meaning you can go form c to b. This is a permanent effect. Oh and you have to beat hero mode first and beat story mode to be able to wish for this.

Also the player can make there own team if they have created at least 5 heroes.

There are bonuses. And team outfits. That way you look like a group and not a bunch of misfits.

Also there a villain mode. Where the player can be evil. It basically like hero mode. With a vaillain twist. It is in hero mode. At the start you chose your hero and can make them a villain. Hero mode must be beaten first. To unlocked it.

User Info: thelastgogeta

5 years ago#2

Thanks for reminding me of how poor the character cast is in this game, especially considering the reused resources.


So females can only be of small and normal structure huh, sounds like poor selection plus your standards deciding how big my Saiyan Heroine should be. I actually can't remember the last game with multiple transformations which forces you to go up one at a time. 4 long transformation animations to see my best form and the AI could be dead (from boredom) by then. Female SSJ4s will get a magic bra in addition to their magic pants?

We have got to pick three large, three normal, three small?! Why can't we pick 9 of anything, even the same thing if we want? >_> All of them are selected from presets hence should take hardly any space or at least equal amounts of space.

So we have to do tedious training to reach the forms? Minigames? Story mission? With who? Where? Yamcha outside Capsule Corporation? SSJ4 isn't reached through either of the means in the show huh? It has to be Dragon Balls... >_>

Shouldn't training and statistics be contained within the battles and interactions in the world, not "Wish for X after you completed Story Mode and the mode you want to increase your stats in"?

So what is the function of having a team? Support in battles? Sharing skills? Learning up faster?

Only flying or posing together... >_> I would get behind team outfits if you mean, we have some creative control to making them, then you could say just getting people to wear the same costume, alternate costume or ones with a similar colour scheme is the exact same thing.

Would like to know what being a villain involves from your perspective. It has potential if done right...
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User Info: Bryan_Skull

5 years ago#3
We need more characters and not my fault there are missing transformations.

Yes female should only be able to be normal and light. Because I never seen a female character in the anime use heavy moves. Transformations that are max out takes 75% less time for animation. SS4 is special transformation. And only two people in the anime has ever became it. So yeah dragon ball wishing is the only way.

What's wrong with just being able to use 3 of each build? The game forces only 1 of each.

Yes you have to train in super sayain form to level them up. It's called energy trainning. You go into the look out. And transform. You fight mult opponents. There are mini games that force you to use to try to increase your power level.

Good luck with grinding for S rank in stats. Wishing allows for you to increase a spot in your stats to be boost to the next rank. You have to beat hero mode and story mode. Both takes time. And collecting all dragons balls is a pain.

Teams allows for special team caps only. You know like the ones in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 where you can heal your energy and health by not being in a fight. Also you learn faster and elvel up faster. And grow stronger. Yes support as well. Special teams moves like the ginyu forces have. And yes you create your outfits.

Villain mode allows you to crash your pod on earth and battle the DBZ heroes. You have to destroy towns for them to know you are here. Can kill innocent people. Destroy building and be evil. You know stuff like that. Last boss in villain mode is SS4 Gogeta.

User Info: Zehelocus

5 years ago#4
I would like to see ape forms and other races available for character creation and also I would like to see fusion between your created character and other characters, also fusion between your created character and another person's created character online.

User Info: Kyo8611

5 years ago#5
I disagree with TC's method of leveling. You shouldn't be able to just wish to get stronger, your ranks and levels should be earned through grinding.

For the roster, I think they should add more movie bosses, like Cooler, Turles, Bojack, Garlic Jr., etc. Also include all the movie storylines with the actual story mode.

Fighting should have more variety and more in depth combat, rather then just tapping square 3 times, then choosing between only 2 different variation attacks and so on, why not include all 4 buttons and make 4 variations of attacks? Should be able to use at least all 4 directions(up, down, left, right) with the right thumbstick in order to use at least a total of 4 super attacks, rather then just 2. 1 Ultimate is fine.

The open world needs more stuff to do. Add a leveling up system to story mode at least. Make saibamen drop equippable items and abilities. Give me SOME reason to fight those pointless saibamen battles rather then just obtaining 1 stinkin dragonball.

They should add a little of the same concept from the custom mode in GT Final Bout to Hero Mode. Like, adding a power level aspect to it, like a .1 increase in strength of a specific stat will add +10 to your power level rather then just getting from level 1-99 and based on what attacks you use most, they get boosted in power. I remember I used to have a Future Trunks in Final Bout, that was so powerful...I beat my cousin's average strength Gohan with just 1 kick. Now THAT is what DBZ is all about and would be fun to see in these next gen games. Imagine fighting a high powered custom character online? Teaming up with other players just to defeat that one player? How awesome would that be? Players should have the ability to train individual stats of their characters, ie: increase the power of their kicks, punches, headbutts, tail attacks(if they have a tail), ki energy, power of their energy blasts, speed, rate in which their spirit meter increases, etc.

Though in order to counter act the 1-hit KO moves from high leveled characters, there should be a form handicap for weaker players. Give them some sort of advantage or something. Maybe have lower level team battles be 5 vs 1 simultaneously? That way, the stronger player can't just pick you off 1 by one, but is forced to defend from all directions., which will add a targeting system to the game. Maybe a "sense" or "scouter" stat as well that shows you which direction you are getting attacked from.

Hero mode not only needs more variety in character customization, but also needs more variety in its leveling system, free roam aspect and training exercises. I think the power level system would be awesome. Plus seeing your character with over a million power level would feel nice rather then just seeing a two-digit level.
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User Info: SSJSaiyaman1986

5 years ago#6
I had a thought the other day on how to improve UT for a sequel.

I think you could go 1 of 2 ways:

1) make it more of a fighter by adding the combos etc for BT and RB series in and have the rushes from UT be special moves you use like dragon rush from B3.
2) make it more of an RPG by continuing to add more features like those already in place ie. the endless press two buttons and eatch stuff happen (loved the super attack animations though)

obviously improve the roster the characters from after the Cell games seemed very last minute and tacked on as there was only about 5 of them :P

this is for me personally I dunno about the rest of you but I would get rid of story mode! i mean come in its been in every DBZ game since B1, they've re-released DVDs and done DBZ Kai in that time we all know the story. so instead I would have a completely original Hero mode story. forget the last one start from scratch using all the DB, DBZ & DBGT the developer wants to create a original story starring the players created character.

Speaking of create a character I only ask for 3 things above all else:

1) Female Saiyans!
2) Option to remove the tail
3) clothing and hairstyles unlocked with in game currency (earn vis Tournament mode or online) so i dont have to play til the end to get the ones i want

User Info: Kyo8611

5 years ago#7
They should allow the ability to xp off of sparring matches with your masters. Been playing Hero Mode for awhile now and I find the sparring matches with the masters to be a lot more time consuming then anything else and it's frustrating having to sit through 20-30 matches and only unlock a couple of moves here and there but get 0 experience points. Why make it a grind two ways? They should have just added experience points you can get off sparring matches as you level up AND gain new moves in one sitting. Rather then spending 4-5 hours trying to get the moves you want, then go and spend another 4-5 hours grinding off the random battles in the world.

Very annoying.

I agree that they should ditch a story mode in the next installment and focus more on the custom character storyline. I think if they leaned more towards the RPG and customization aspect, they could really make an amazing DBZ game. Hell....even a DBZ MMO. One of the first fighting game MMOs ever created lol. I think that would rock.
After seeing a key-chain of Kyo hanging from my backpack, "Is that supposed to be you? Where can I get one?" - Some random chick.

User Info: Shugani

5 years ago#8
they should allow you to make your own stages make majin namekian and other types of people and bring back everyone from the old games and put in more clothing choices and all the costumes
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User Info: SSJSaiyaman1986

5 years ago#9
Kyo8611 posted...

I agree that they should ditch a story mode in the next installment and focus more on the custom character storyline. I think if they leaned more towards the RPG and customization aspect, they could really make an amazing DBZ game. Hell....even a DBZ MMO. One of the first fighting game MMOs ever created lol. I think that would rock.

Not sure if we will ever see it here but look up Dragonball Online for a DBZ MMO

just think though completly original focusing on your own CAC. they could make up any story they wanted using any DB character ever to appear and even use/make up what if characters and make them part of the story (SSJ3 Vegeta & Trunks, SSJ Bardock and Pan.)

I agree with your point about masters yeah you should get XP would make things more interesting

User Info: TifaLockhart777

5 years ago#10
I am really loving the idea of that CaC storyline that I'm starting to believe it'll become a reality. :P We all know that it most likely won't happen though. :\

First thing I'd like is a female CaC option. I've wanted that in UT. Next, SS4 for characters. I'd love to see a female SS4 (I think I speak for everyone here).

For gaining EXP, my idea is probably each character gives you a certain amount. Ex: If you train with the strongest characters such as Goku or Vegeta, they give you big stats. Train with someone like Piccolo or Trunks, they'll give you the second best results. Train with someone like Yamcha would give you a low amount. Then again, I know that when it comes to online, this is a bad idea.

To gain outfits for CaCs, why not either train with the person containing them? Or, for example, if you want Capsule Corp items, you fly to West City and visit Capsule Corp.

That brings me to my next idea (though it has been mentioned from earlier posters) FREE ROAM! I've been wanting this since forever! I remember looking at BT2 screenshots, I thought that game had free roam, only to find out that when you walk, its just in a little box not the entire world. I know this could take a lot of space, and possibly seems better in heads than what it might be, but I'm sure everyone would enjoy this.
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