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User Info: chank_it

6 years ago#1
Hello. I've been playing "Army of Darkness Defense" on my iPhone 4. Super fun game. Love it. However, I've noticed for the past couple of weeks that my "All-time" gold stat has not moved. It is stuck at 1,818,340. It has stayed that way for a long time despite having played it for hours and earning lots of gold. Perhaps I just misunderstand what this stat is? I am assuming that it should increase as I continue to earn gold.

I even thought that maybe I could fix the problem by deleting the game, removing the info from Gamecenter, and then reinstalling the game. Apparently Gamecenter saves the info on a server so it just reinstated my all-time gold at 1,818,340. I played more, but the stat still does not increase.

Anyone have any suggestions to remedy this? Or am I simply assuming that this stat is something which it's not?

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