Getting some lag after hosting a server.

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User Info: argotto

6 years ago#1

I am having a problem here, and I am not too sure how to fix it (not even sure it can be).

I host a server for my brother and I to player on, which means I have to run 2 instances of the game at once. I've done this with a few other games and never seemed to have any lag issues. Anyway... When I finally joint he server, I am getting all kinds of lag. Enemies magically jumping in front of and behind me kind of crap. However, when I go into my brother's room, he is almost perfectly fine. He has a tiny bit of lag, but it is barely noticible.

I have:

4 gigs of RAM (winXP)

nivdia 280 GT card

3.1 GHz AMD dual core

550 gigs of free hard drive space

Did a scan and didn't have any spyware or any malicious programs at all. Anyone have an idea that can help me improve my performance as the host?

User Info: eco master

eco master
6 years ago#2
You're just going to have to find another machine to host the game on. Copy over the game files to a different computer so you can host from one, play on another. I know it works on other games, but I've noticed it really doesn't work for this one myself. Not much you can do about it.
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