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How do you find meteor monsters and (ore?)

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User Info: subtleorwhat

6 years ago#1

Hey im quite new to the game and have already managed to get gold armour, but was wondering how to find the meteor monsters and ore i have been hearing about?

User Info: DeepsPraw

6 years ago#2
Break a shadow orb. It makes a meteor drop, but it's random.
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User Info: MizuUma

6 years ago#3
Meteors can drop random but if you break 3 Shadow Orbs there is an increased chance. 2 meteors fell when i broke Shadow Orbs and 1 fell at random.
You can place a heap (50) of meteor thingies to make the Meteor Heads spawn or a 7x7 heap.
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User Info: XioJenesis

6 years ago#4

Obviously breaking MORE orbs will increase the chance. Break a 4th orb, INCREASED chance. Same with 5th.
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  3. How do you find meteor monsters and (ore?)

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