Wings = Greatest accessory ever

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User Info: RespectTheIMD

5 years ago#1
That is all.
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User Info: GiSS88

5 years ago#2
Definitely up there. Saves a slot from horseshoe but with a bonus of flight.
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User Info: Destroyer_713

5 years ago#3
Other than being great when combined with Rocket/Spectre Boots, they look pretty awesome too.
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User Info: Hypertext_Eye

5 years ago#4
wings + spectre boots + cloud in a balloon = win

User Info: Marioface5

5 years ago#5
Oddly enough I dislike Red Balloon and as a result use the Cloud in a Bottle by itself. Red Balloon makes it impossible to jump small heights, as well as making jumping underwater worse. Unless I'm using it wrong, which is very possible.
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User Info: Aubrey_Karew

5 years ago#6
Im gathering the souls for them right now. Cant wat to try them out.
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User Info: mtpfreak

5 years ago#7
I recommend using wings and spectre boots, without the cloud in a balloon.
Try it, the double jump is pretty unnecessary at this point, equipping CIAB means you have to double-jump before you can fly.
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User Info: NoOneEvenCares

5 years ago#8
Just use a plain balloon then (which is what I prefer personally). I really hope they don't nerf the new mobility trifecta. Honestly, I wish I could combine the cobalt shield and the balloon (cobalt balloon!) as I do not really care about fire block protection or double jump at all.

User Info: LokiISP

5 years ago#9
I'd have to concur with this.....except when I get overzealous trying to clear half of the map in one jump and pull down yet another wyvern. I mean, they aren't hard...but stopping to fight them defeats the purpose of quickly crossing the map....
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User Info: TheSilentMirage

5 years ago#10
Eh, I was disappointed by the wings, personally. They were the first thing I focused on making post-1.1, and they didn't live up to my expectations (the tooltip mentions flight, but it's more like super-jump).

Wings look cool, but I find that boots are better and fulfill the same function.
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