"Reforging, and how getting all 'Warding" on items nearly cost me my sanity."

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User Info: KenZoe

6 years ago#1
Philosophers Stone, standing at an impressive 12-14 gold reforge cost, would just have drained me for 21 platinum if I hadn't done the 'End Task' between every platinum use.

21x1 platinum (!!) was spent, before I finally saw 'Warding' on my 4th attempt of the 22nd platinum (so overall it ended up costing me just under 50g - WITH "cheating").
Just thought that I'd even the balance with all those "I got legendary on my first attempt" threads that are floating around.

I so deeply resent RNG in games, it just seem such an easy way out for developers when they couldn't create a fun and engaging system...

What's your worst luck with RNG (boss/orb-drops or reforging)?

/goes back to trying to get Warding on Cross Necklace in fewer attempts -.-*
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User Info: tony8669

6 years ago#2
Yeah, it would have been nice if forging was a process, and putting together certain materials or whatever would allow you to select the result.

Who knows, maybe it will change. For now, it's a pretty cool addition to the game.

User Info: KenZoe

6 years ago#3
Yeah, there's all sorts of intriguing crafting ways (even at inflated costs) that could have been used, and it would have helped lower levels too instead of simply relying on RNG - and ultimately just incite players to use the Task Manager to close down if the desired reforge wasn't obtained.

Vendor bought reagent + Certain amount of potions + ores/bars (all of increasing values) for reforges could have easily been implemented
They could even have inflated the cost for doing so, it is still a resource gathering system/game after all.
And perhaps then I wouldn't have stockpiles of Mithril and Cobalt lying around :D
Proud to be a Dane; We have the worlds oldest monarchy, oldest national flag and were first in the world to legalize porn!

User Info: STG Deathbot

STG Deathbot
6 years ago#4
People who like to cheat because the game is "too hard" use the task manager cop-out. I stick with my item until I can gather the coin required for another reforge. For instance, when I made my Dao of Pow, I had just enough gold to reforge it once... Heavy Dao of Pow. Minus damage and slower attack, but considering the low reforge cost of such horrible stats, it only took about two minutes in the Hallow to get enough to reforge it into a Godly Dao of Pow.
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User Info: KenZoe

6 years ago#5
Can you please find me one place where I said that the game was too hard STG Deathbot?

Yes, I opted out because I have had some incredibly ****** luck with RNG when going for that top-notch reforge. As doing over 150 reforges to get 'Warding' proves.

And I am glad that you've had such good fortune with your reforging, I have had those too... but I have also had some incredibly ****** luck with them - as shown above.
And if (more like when!) you need to reforge - not just to reforge, but to min/max your items - you wont be happy with your 'Heavy'-prefix!

Because 21 platinum isn't just something you "come by" in this game, even with the inflated gold earnings of Hard-mode. The best farms (that I've seen) produce up to 4-5 platinum per hour (non Blood Moon), which would have made me stand idle for over four straight hours in this particular case.

But I understand that you see this is a QQ-topic, by all means most people come to GameFAQs to do just that (BlogFAQs, amirite?), but unlike most threads I actually both tried getting others tales about this and lifted up for a debate on how to improve an, in my opinion, flawed system.

But alas, I'll just have to settle with being a whiny poster that cheats because the game is too hard - because that's pretty much all you got from my post....

/sighs at what GameFAQs have become
Proud to be a Dane; We have the worlds oldest monarchy, oldest national flag and were first in the world to legalize porn!
Hard =/= Random and tedious.

Until they come up with a way of upgrades that's less grindy than literally "Grind out gold and put it into a digital slot machine, hoping you get the right numbers coming out", I have no issue with spending a plat or so, and using an editor if you don't get the right prefixes.

I see no point in literally waiting hours for a mob trap to grind out gold. I'm not going to be playing actively during that time or enjoying the game. Might as well just pretend I had a mob trap grinding gold for long enough that I eventually got enough for the godly reforge.

That way I can actually USE my items.

The entire reforging system, the way it currently is, is just a way to force you to play longer by requiring gold grinding.
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User Info: Dragons_Pride

6 years ago#7
Luck factors (besides things like world generation or enemy spawning to an extent) are extremely unfun for me, so I second any notion to remove random factors from games. Not only does reforging just screw over unlucky people entirely, but it costs a ludicrous amount of money for certain items...only to have you end up far worse than you started with. Thus the player is punished for not having good luck. This encourages people to either not play the game or "cheat" to obtain money in some way. I believe this is a serious mistake for any game dev to make, unless they want their players to quit/cheat.
Bonus stupid points if they cap success rates at 99%. Those devs are the kind of people that circlejerk to being screwed over by luck.

User Info: Face_Lost

6 years ago#8
I honestly just opted out of the whole money thing and grabbed a chest full of platinum from an all items map.
I can see how grinding for money on bloodmoons can be fun to fuel your character, but with all the prefixes it's really really tedious. I want to switch from warding to violent or lucky at some point.
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User Info: Oddplume

6 years ago#9
It makes using Terrariviewer very tempting. I think I stated this in another topic, but as for bad luck RNGs, my first Pwnhammer was broken. I had consecutive sluggish, slow, and lazy on my first phasesaber too. On the plus side I think the cost to reforge is based upon how crappy the current prefix is, so if it's broken it should be fairly cheap to reforge.
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User Info: KenZoe

6 years ago#10
Indeed, prices are regulated by adding or subtracting a certain percentage from their default reforge cost (according to Wiki the default is x5 of sell value).

Reforge costs;

[Item A] sells to a vendor for 2 gold. It doesn't have a prefix.
It costs 10g to reforge.
It reforges to broken (let's say it's 50%), and the following reforge is now only 5g.
You're in luck, and it becomes godly (~150% extra cost) and you now have to pay 15g to reforge that item, should you attempt to go for Legendary (if the item allows that prefix).
Etc. etc.

Accessories are generally cheaper than weapons though, as their percentage modifiers are much much lower than the weapon prefixes. So it's only the item value that increases the cost for a reforge there.

Generally, much like Guardian of Hyrule I tend to spend up to 1 platinum on a reforge.
If the item is between 10-12g per reforge and I have use 86 gold, no problem.
If I get it in the 3rd attempt, using 35g then 'yay me'...
Did I place that 1 platinum threshold for the reason that other posters have already addressed...absolutely.

Edit: Was looking in the wrong places in regards to the reforge value-changes in regards to the costs.
Proud to be a Dane; We have the worlds oldest monarchy, oldest national flag and were first in the world to legalize porn!
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