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User Info: blackdeeds

5 years ago#11
Oh hey, Gheti! I think I played you yesterday! Yeah, I think this is one of those sleeper hits. It just got released on PC and some people might have not known that it is available for the console and now they do.
Check your it Hammer Time?
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User Info: Gheti

5 years ago#12
sure did! hehe

User Info: SyxxPakk6

5 years ago#13
Derpl can get focused down in no time, Coco is a good counter for him when he is hiding behind a turret and using nuke. Coco, Leon, Froggy can take him out easy just ball behind him w/ knock back and hit him out of hiding, tongue pull, then dash stun and if he isn't already dead by this time Ball will be back up off cool down.

What they really NEED to add is a pre match lobby that shows what character each person is choosing on both teams that way you can take turns choosing and pic counters etc.
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