How long will I be able to buy the alpha for?

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User Info: gotron228

4 years ago#1
Hey guys I was just wondering how long the Alpha will remain purchasable for because I really want to get this game but I might need to wait a little longer before I can purchase it.

User Info: giocare

4 years ago#2
I don't know if they've set a limit. However they are going to release a "lite" version of the alpha for free later this month.

User Info: Syco Clown

Syco Clown
4 years ago#3
Hopefully it will be up until release. I am pretty sure they said they will be listening to the community for feedback and making updates to the alpha as time goes on.

I think it will stay up until the games release.
Obscure Creations

User Info: M3D1C1NEMAN

4 years ago#4
Alpha Access

Purchase Arma 3 Alpha now and receive the following:

Alpha-access – Be one of the first to play Arma 3 and contribute to its development by providing feedback.
3 Alpha Lite Invites (not yet available) – Introduce your friends to Arma 3 by inviting them to the free invite-only Arma 3 Alpha Lite (available from March 14, 2013 until June 18, 2013).
Beta-access & Full Game – Gain access to the Arma 3 Beta as soon as it becomes available. Get a Steam version of the complete game upon release.

-Pasted from the Steam page

I would assume at least before this date, but this date is for the guest pass, so it could be anytime really.
Endorsed by M3D1C1NEMAN
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  3. How long will I be able to buy the alpha for?

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