pc cheaper my a**

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User Info: Chrono1205

4 years ago#1
Why is it $60 now I just got paid.
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User Info: cliffo1992

4 years ago#2
Because it's no longer in beta
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User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

4 years ago#3
ArmA 3 is worth at most $50 and at least $45. I purchased it at the Alpha and even though it's officially released I can honestly say it's in still the beta phase. Don't get suckered in buying a $60 beta.

User Info: giocare

4 years ago#4
The game in its current state is only worth the 30 bucks I paid for it on early access. It still feels like a beta and there is a lot of missing content. ArmA 2 was much better at release.

User Info: MattSFfrd

4 years ago#5
just wait until it's patched a few times and the campaign is released. i got hundreds of hours out of arma 2, the user made missions/campaigns extend the gameplay indefinitely. easily worth $60.
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User Info: Hellfire-1

4 years ago#6
As many others have said, ARMA is as more of a platform than a game itself, and I got hundreds of hours out if ARMA 2. What it lacks in dev content, it makes up for with a dedicated community, and gameplay you won't find anywhere else.

I'd easily pay more than $60 for what's released now, because I know it will be worth it.
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User Info: Kosba_2142

4 years ago#7
The idea of PC games being cheaper is our sales go beyond not only 10%, not only 20%, but beyond 70%
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User Info: thatfool12Gs

4 years ago#8
Lol, paid 29.00 for mine, one of the best games I've ever owned. Snooze you lose my friend.
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