What separates this from Battlefield?

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User Info: Ezsprinter

3 years ago#1
I haven't gamed on a PC since the 90s and just brought the ps4. I have been wanting to play this series for years but still have not been able to and im so sick of the generic console shooters. Ive considered gaming PCs but the price has always scared me away and this game would be my main reason for getting one. I like BF but its still way to chaotic and unrealistic for me. I prefer more of an old school Rainbow 6 style shooter but we know how often those games come out. And I understand the Ps4 controller works with PC but is that even possible with the complexity of Arma?

User Info: Malkovich_

3 years ago#2
If you liked old school Rainbow 6, or the first Ghost Recon, you'll love Arma. It's like those, but on steroids. What separates this from Battlefied? You said it yourself, BF is unrealistic arcade game. Arma is a hardcore military sim. Im sure you''ve probably seen youtube video gameplay of, so you can at least get an idea of what's like, it's a one of a kind series. What makes it a such a killer game though isn't just the realism, it's the editor that comes with it, where you can make any mission you want. Whether you want to re-create the Bin-Laden raid, or just set up a 100+ tank battle. Whatever you want you can do.

I guess you don't have a gaming PC? If that's the case then don't waste any more money on consoles. For the same price tag of a next gen console you can begin the build of new gaming PC.

These guys would be better at helping you with that than me.

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