The Warden

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User Info: Toshiro19

5 years ago#1
I'm actually don't care if our Warden from part 1 makes an appearance. To me Dragon Age Origins was a complete game. There is nothing else for me to wonder about. My Warden died fighting the blight. All this complaining and whining about the Warden is pointless to me. I enjoyed Origins, and I enjoyed Dragon Age II. I wanted an expansion to part II but that's not happening.
What I want to see is a new MC in Dragon Age III and no warden from origins or hawke from dragon age II. Give us something brand new. But that's just my opinion.

User Info: LordxSloth

5 years ago#2
Indeed it is your opinion because your Warden died. My Warden walked through a portal with Morrigan to meet his son in preparation for something major and hasn't been seen since. If that's not a set up for something big I dunno what is.

It's not very polite for you to consider it whining because you know what happened to your Warden. Some of us just want the mysteries solved. You don't, good for you. No reason to try and belittle others for making their own choices and not having the same ending.
~Lord_Sloth The Inner Demon

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