Gold farming

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User Info: ryunokoe

6 years ago#1
So the game is already out, but I guess this page doesn't reflect that. Got it on the Free Amazon App day.

It's pretty slow going getting 20,000+ gold in this game. There doesn't seem to be any gold tricks, that I can find, along the lines of what I read about in the PC, etc. versions of this game.

Any ideas?

User Info: ID Card

ID Card
6 years ago#2
Finish campaign twice, get the yeti zombie, and you will have enough gold to buy everything.
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User Info: TroutYogurt

6 years ago#3
I've been doing the quick play on easy levels and building as many marigolds as possible (Usually taking up to rows protected by onions). Getting about 3000 a game. Not super-efficient compared to other versions, but it got the job done.
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