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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

6 years ago#1
The controller does indeed have a huge 6 inch touch screen.

A 6 inch touch screen would make the controller shell huge. That's a lot of hollow plastic. Therefore, I believe that all over the processors and chips will be inside the controller. The console doesn't stream the video to the controller screen, the controller streams it to the console, which just has the basic components inside to receive the stream and display it on a TV, and possibly output/upscale the video into HD, via the HDMI cable that the "console" is connected to the TV with.

The controller can be used as a portable games machine, similar to the iPad, and different enough from the 3DS so as not to affect its sales.

The controllers will be expensive, whereas the actual console will be pretty cheap because it doesn't contain any CPU/GPU etc.

What do you think?
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User Info: Gnarkill03

6 years ago#2
I just think its too far fetched to believe that the controller will be the system, and too expensive.

My money is on a 4 inch or so touchscreen with a standard controller layout.
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Prince Shondronai 6 years ago#3
I think the console needs to have the guts inside. The console is what you put the disc in. It'd be extremely inefficient to read the disc, send the data to the controller for it to process, and send the video back to the console to display on the TV.

I think it's far more likely that the controller will be able to receive streaming data from the console over a wi-fi connection. Essentiallly you'll be able to play games on this system anywhere with a wi-fi connection. You just have to make sure the game you want to play remotely is in the system before you leave the house (plus any you have saved on the hard drive).
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