Am i the only one who wants full GC compatibility?

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User Info: Shibuto

6 years ago#31

From: plagamesforeva | #030
I thought I read that the Wii U would be backwards compatitible with Wii and GameCube games, since many Wii games uses GameCube controllers.

Most likely the Wii games that used GC controllers will use the WiiU Controller
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User Info: generallee02

6 years ago#32
backward compatible with wii but not GC. Any wii game that uses gc controllers either required or optional better hope they release a usb adapter.
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User Info: ffdgh

6 years ago#33
hmm 4 usb ports in the front for a gcn controller would be great
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User Info: TheMario901

6 years ago#34
MK64 being the best. lol'd

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User Info: Omega_Black

6 years ago#35
Systems should not be backwards compatible two generations.

There are PS3s that feature playback of PS1 and PS2 titles.
There is no reason outside of emulation difficulties, format incompatibility, or cost concerns (my best bet as to why Wii U doesn't feature it) that playback of previous generations should not be included in each successive console.

I'd rather hardware space be used to improve the Wii U instead of adding four GC controller slots and two GC memory card slots.

Older PS3 models featured PS2 playback but nothing else hardware wise.
Virtual memory cards had to be created on the hard drive to save data or a device could be purchased to transfer existing memory card data over to the hard drive's virtual cards.

Obviously the controller layouts were exactly the same so that was not an issue.

The same could have been achieved with Wii U. Virtual memory cards could have been created on the onboard flash memory or within an external memory device and the controller has enough buttons for GCN playback.

That said, while this development is somewhat disappointing, it does not turn me off from Wii U at all.

I'm more intrigued by what it holds for the future, not what it can preserve from the past.
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  3. Am i the only one who wants full GC compatibility?

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