if its all about the nintendo franchises

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User Info: TheApd_Returns

6 years ago#1
maybe nintendo should just become a publisher and skip the hardware part. i mean, seriously.
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User Info: TallWhiteNinja

6 years ago#2
Except they actually make money off of their consoles (though being able to play Zelda on my 360 would be pretty sweet).
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User Info: LordDraconus777

6 years ago#3
So, what's your point? Nintendo would actually make far more if they'd just become 3rd party. People would buy their games from both Sony, Microsoft, and of course the current Nintendo audiences. Hell, they should just throw in the bucket in the console arena (although keep their portables (as long as the 3DS continues to not be the crap flop that is is currently) as they seem succesful) and convert, they'd actually make much more money.
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