This will be the most expensive console next year.

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User Info: Fanch234

6 years ago#41
StrangerAeons posted...
It's a next gen console. Wii was a next gen console even if it had almost Gamecube power.

That's a really bad term to use if we're just talking about graphics capability.

Also, people are VASTLY overestimating what the new Sony and MS consoles are going to do. The only improvement TO BE MADE right now is marginal increments, and marginal increments is the amount by which the Wii U is better than PS360.

New Sony and MS consoles probably will be a bit more technically advanced due to time, but the power differences are going to be similar to Gen 6, the Wii U will not be trailing behind like the Wii in Gen 7 by ANY means at all.

the topic should have ended with this correct post.
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User Info: TheApd_Returns

6 years ago#42
No....both can do 1080p upscaled, the Wii U will be the first console not to upscale

1) PS3 does not upscale sub-1080p games
2) 360 does upscale sub-1080p games
3) both systems are capable of outputting native 1080p if the game supports it. Very few games do though. so native 1080p is just rare, not impossible.
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User Info: DeuxHero

6 years ago#43
Reggie said in an interview it would be "competitively priced"
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User Info: mahboi

6 years ago#44
I can just picture Reggie saying "five hundred ninety nine US dollars*...
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  3. This will be the most expensive console next year.

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