So the controller isn't multi-touch...

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User Info: hard_stick

6 years ago#31
strongo9 posted...
resistive screens > capacitive screens

ahahahaaa. funny, troll, funny.

User Info: wiiztec

6 years ago#32
SazukeEX posted...
AP3Brain posted...
Okay fans. Just admit it ISN'T a good thing that it isn't multitouch. There are a lot of gameplay opportunities for multitouch and if they are going to have a touch screen for their console they probably should have multitouch....

Personally, I still think this console is a joke...

Fanboys are blind. THey will always credit their favorite even when they are gettinbg jipped by them.

There's no reason why this shouldn't be multi-touch. Especially since the hardware isn't next generation power but current gen power. Which I would like to add has been going on for years via 360 and PS3. It's clear that they could have easily added in multi-touch but decided not too. I just hope that fans here aren't gullible enough to buy the Wii U if they learn that Nintendo is overchargeing it just like they're overchargeing the 3DS.

Did you not see the tech demo? Wii u is going to be comparable to PS4/720 at worst it'll be the PS2 to PS4's XBOX
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