AND let the puns BEGIN!

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User Info: PhantomSword

6 years ago#21
ASTROID2 posted...

;_; I remember that song...

Now I feel old, and I'm only 17! Thanks a lot.
My favorite part of the day is when she dance in the mirror.

User Info: CPUX

6 years ago#22
sadneesman posted...
I hate U, please die

Wii hate U, please die.

Scott Pilgrim FTW.
Black Ops - wP/Paradox - 1338 7965 5875
GameFaqs - Where brain cells go to die. -Big_Isaac

User Info: TheGoddamn

6 years ago#23
Wii U mad?
"Batman to all points, I could use some air support. Because I can't fly. At all. Now would be good."
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