Monster Hunter 4

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6 years ago#1
Imagine how epic this would be on the wii U...
Capcom is probably making plans...
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User Info: youngoli

6 years ago#2
**** that put Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the 3DS.
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User Info: HawkEye1997

6 years ago#3
I doubt it will be called Monster Hunter 4. Probably something like "Monster Hunter: The Fourth" yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
On-Topic: Yeah I really think it would be used well (the whole tablet controller). One thing I didn't really like about MHTri was the way I had to switch items. With this tablet controller they could EASILY fix it and make it 10x better.
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User Info: chaomaster4000

6 years ago#4
After its success on the Wii, it would be crazy for Capcom not to do the same again. And while they're at it, make Okami 3 too. The control scheme is perfect.
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User Info: Senzeki

6 years ago#5
Monster Hunter Quatre.

You know, it would be pretty cool if they gave us the HD version of Portable 3rd, but, I'd just take that on my PS3 too. I just wish we would get that game localized one way or another...

I have no doubt that the next console Monster Hunter will make its way over to the Wii U, though.
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User Info: Natureboy99

6 years ago#6
MH4 on WiiU? I don't see how it could work with 2 screens.

Let me just look down at my map and OH THAT LOS JUST KO ME

In mh you can't afford to look at anything but the screen. MHP3 HD is confirmed for PS3 so it looks like the series is going back to Sony.

User Info: VRX3000

6 years ago#7
A touch screen inventory would benefit the game a lot. No more "OMG the monster is stunned. Quick let me get my trap......OK.....cycling through the menu......oh man......too many items.........where is it?....Son of a-- he just got up and downed me!"

I imagine just using it for faster item selection would be a great addition to the game.
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User Info: Spookimitsu

6 years ago#8
The touch screen would manage your felyne companion, showing their equips, current stats, abilities etc?

User Info: vyseskies

6 years ago#9
Monster hunter U timate

that was horrible..
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User Info: NintenDoughnuts

6 years ago#10
Me Want!
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