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User Info: Gaffaz_Boy

6 years ago#1
Im going to throw some speculations about the Wii U which I believe will happen. Feel free to comment on them or add your own (:

- The Wii U will be priced at £280 (I don't know what that translates to dollars as)
- It will be able to be use two tablet controllers at a time by the launch (The quality will detiriate though)
- Each separate controller will cost £80, and you will only be able to order them from the nintendo website, they will not be available in stores
- It will come bundled with a new Wii U classic controller
- It will come bundled with a charger to use for the tablet and the classic controller
- Nintendo will release a slicker Wii mote and nunchuck (same technology, but it will not need batteries as the charger will support it)
- NSMB Mii will come bundled with it like Wii Sports was
- NSMB Mii will not be a proper game, just a way to show of the controller.
- Pikmen 3 will be the only 1st party game released by Nintendo at launch
- The Wii U shop channel will support Gamecube Games
- The Nintendo DS will be used as a secondary controller for a lot of games
- A new Four Swords will be released in 2012. It can be used with the tablet or the nintendo DS, this way 4 people can play the game in one room.

This is only speculation by me, so a lot of this probably won't happen, i'm just taking a stab in the dark (:
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User Info: Intro1827

6 years ago#2
Smoky Progg is the best optional boss ever
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User Info: Gaffaz_Boy

6 years ago#3
Would the plural of Pikmin be Pikmin's or Pikmen or Pikman's or Piker's??? OR WHAT???
"There are too many TOASTERS!!!!!"

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

6 years ago#4
You don't add a ' for plurals. That's for possessives.
Ex. in my previous sentence, I typed plurals without a '. That's the proper way to type it.

That said, pikmins or pikmin.
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User Info: Gaffaz_Boy

6 years ago#5
Umm has anyone got any speculations that they want to share today then??
"There are too many TOASTERS!!!!!"

User Info: chaomaster4000

6 years ago#6
£250 price tag, one tablet bundled with system and one rebranded wiimote+ and improved nunchuk in there too. Wii Sports 2 bundled with system. There will be the possibility of maximum two tablet controllers in mutiplayer to begin with.
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