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Nintendo Wii U FAQ V1.0 ~*READ BEFORE POSTING!*~

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User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#1
Next-Generation Console
Compatible Games: Wii U Games, Wii Games, NO GameCube Games
Compatible Controllers: Wii U Tablet, All Wii Accessories, 3DS (?)
Online: TBD, Account-Based, No Friend Codes
Players: TBD, 5+
Release Window: March 2012 - Holiday 2012

**Please request sticky**

i. Introduction
ii. Basics
iii. Name
iv. Tablet Controller
v. Graphics/Specs
vi. Possible Uses for Tablet
vii. Data Storage
viii. Online
ix. Other Controllers
x. Games/Franchises/Publishers
xi. Conclusion

i. Introduction
Hello, video gamers everywhere, and welcome to my guide on everything there currently is to know on Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii U! The goal of this thread is to fill in the blanks for people who are confused and serve as a database for all information we have thus far. Hopefully, at least some people will read before posting. My credentials with stickies speak for themselves, having been the author of the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword FAQs, among several other less notables. Hopefully, this will be another opportunity for me to contribute to the loving GameFAQs community. Let's go deeper and wider as we dig into the mysteries of this new console.

ii. So, I've heard about this newfangled Nintendo thingy. Is it a console, a controller, or what?
Let's get this out of the way -- Nintendo Wii U is a brand new console ( After the Nintendo press conference at E3 2011, there was a great deal of confusion among certain gamers as to what exactly the Wii U was, and it is nothing short of the full follow up to the Wii. It is a next generation console, designed to surpass the 360 and PS3 and compete with their inevitable follow-ups. This is not just a controller. This is a new experience, a new console, with new hardware. End of story.

iii. Oh. Alright. Kind of an odd name, though, don't you think?
At first, yes. However, the name is designed to convey a very specific message. The brand name "Wii" is still present due to its recognizable nature as a household name, and due to representing the "we" part of multiplayer -- everyone can have fun. Yet, Nintendo has admitted that the Wii alienated a certain crowd of gamers, and wants to let everyone know that while this is a system for everybody, it is also a system for you. We and you. Wii and U. Wii U.
Always nice talking to you, GameFAQs."

User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#2
iv. Makes sense. What's with the tablet thing, then?
That, my friends, is the Wii U Tablet controller. Serving as the main way to control the Wii U, it brings a whole new perspective to what is possible with gaming. Despite the awkward appearance, the media assures us it is quite comfortable, and don't let the different looking design alienate you -- it is simply a standard controller, with standard controls and all the buttons you would see on a 360/PS3 controller. The difference? The 6.2" screen in the middle. This single-touch screen allows developers extreme freedoms, such as putting inventory screens and other ideas onto it while playing games on the big screen. More exciting is the ability to give a gamer holding the Wii U a different perspective than somebody looking at the big screen -- more on that later. Most exciting of all, however, is the ability to stream games; meaning, if someone comes in and wants to use the TV, a simple touch of a button puts the game in your hands, allowing you to keep on playing, uninterrupted, with the same glorious graphical power. It can also intera--

Hold your horses. We have very little information on the specs in particular, so do not ask. What we do know is that all games will run on the Nintendo equivalent of Blu-Ray (though it will not be Blu-Ray itself). Reggie has said that the system will run entirely in 1080p, though we are waiting for clarification on whether all games will natively run in 1080p or whether it is simply capable of handling it, ala 360. The CPU is an IBM Power®-based multi-core microprocessor, and AMD is partnering with Nintendo to create a custom Radeon HD GPU for the system. However, it is unknown how well the GPU will function as of now. While specific details are scarce, Reggie has insisted that we focus on the experience and that "the online and horsepower boxes are thoroughly checkmarked, trust me." Given the tech demos we have seen and heard about, this is most likely true and the system will almost certainly surpass the 360 and PS3 by a solid margin. There are also four USB ports, though we're not quite sure what for. The possibilities, however, are obvious.

vi. Cool! Carry on with that tablet business.
...okay. Anyway, the tablet can interact with the TV in various ways. One demo Nintendo showcased had a throwing star on the tablet as targets passed by on the screen. Swiping the throwing star in the direction you wanted it to go "threw" it out of the controller and into the screen at the correct angle. A space battle game had a Wii U tablet user controlling an alien spacecraft fighting two soldiers on the surface below, showing the battle from the spacecraft's perspective on the tablet and from the soldiers' perspectives on the TV screen. EA mentioned the possibility of making playcalls on the tablet instead of cluttering up the screen. Ubisoft has showcased the ability to mark strategic vantage points in Ghost Recon on the tablet for all players to see, as well as using it to see through the eyes of a drone you set up while still running around on the top screen. It also has a gyro function, meaning you can use it to aim and fight the battle around you in real space (think Face Raiders on steroids). The possibilities for new perspectives on gameplay are absolutely endless.

vii. Hm. Okay. How are we going to store this data? Don't tell me we're still using flash memory.
Actually, we are, but don't panic -- while the console will still use internal flash memory, Nintendo has promised the ability to greatly expand upon that via SD memory cards OR external harddrives. Since the system is markedly more powerful and Nintendo is making great strides to try to win over the "hardcore gamer" and will presumably have a much more robust online system, it is safe to assume that they've got this covered.
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User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#3
viii. "Robust online system"? Friend codes suck, man. They don't count as robust.
Good thing there aren't any friend codes anymore! The Wii U will use an account based online system, described by Ubisoft as an "equivalent sort of deal to Xbox Live". Nintendo also promised the definitive online experience, bringing online content to you faster and better than Microsoft or Sony. However, they have yet to go into extensive detail on this at all, so there is not much I can tell you beyond that. Nevertheless, certain games have already promised detailed online leaderboards and great online functions, meaning there's certainly something better than what the Wii had going on behind the scenes.

ix. This is all sounding very promising, but I've heard some troubling reports of only one tablet per console. Is this true? Are there other controllers to use?
Sadly, it would appear to be so at the moment. Nevertheless, Nintendo is exploring the option of two, which is reassuring. The reasoning behind this is the sheer power it would take to stream content to four screens at once, as well as the cost factor of these controllers. Developers are still on board, though, so something's not immediately clear to us at the moment. As for other controllers, absolutely -- the classic controller pro still functions, as well as the Wii Remote, Motion Plus, and all other accessories. The Wii U Tablet promotes traditional gameplay alongside the classic controller and whatever other traditional controllers they may introduce, while the compatibility with Wii controllers allows new motion based games to continue being produced if desired. Nintendo is also exploring the possibility of allowing people to use their 3DS as a tablet substitute, which would eliminate the problem of missing tablets almost entirely. This story is a bit of a "to be continued", but Nintendo won't screw over local multiplayer. It's not how they work.

x. Alright, what games are coming, then? Does the Virtual Console material from Wii transfer? Will it even exist on the U?

-Nintendo = Super Smash Bros, Pikmin, Super Mario Mii (working title)
-Ubisoft = Assassin's Creed, Killer Freaks from Outer Space (exclusive), Ghost Recon Online ($10 digital download), Raving Rabbids
-Rocksteady = Batman: Arkham City
-Namco Bandai = Tekken
-2K = Ken Levine expressed heavy interest in the concept but made it clear he has no immediate plans for the console just yet
-EA = Committed in a big way to the U at the press conference, name-dropped Battlefield 3 and Madden
-Traveler's Tales = Lego: City Stories
-Vigil/THQ = Darksiders II (Launch Title)
-Warren Spector/Junction Point = expressed heavy interest in the premise
-Many, many more!

As for the Virtual Console, there has been no official word, but given the capacity for SD card memory, it is highly likely that you can simply put the games on an SD card, take it out, and pop it into the U. No guarantee, but that is the most educated guess.

xi. Lookin' pretty sweet.
I know, right? Look for the system next year, along with a lot more games (including some from the Big N themselves), and I hope you've enjoyed the FAQ!

xii. Database
Wii U Reveal Trailer:

Zelda Tech Demo:

Japanese Garden Tech Demo:

Third Parties Talk About Wii U:

Killer Freaks from Outer Space Trailer:

Ghost Recon Online Gameplay (early tech, don't judge graphics off this):
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User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#4
Alright, people, I've got ONE HOUR to edit this. Throw anything you don't like at me, and some links for the database (though I'll obviously grab some myself).
Always nice talking to you, GameFAQs."

User Info: Majora006

6 years ago#5
You didn't mention that U means Utopian :[ come on, Nintendo confirmed that!
P.S. sticky requested
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User Info: Shibuto

6 years ago#6
much better...answers could be a bit shorter and take parts of those answers for new questions....people are lazy as you can see lol but for the most part its good
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User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#7
Shibuto posted...
much better...answers could be a bit shorter and take parts of those answers for new questions....people are lazy as you can see lol but for the most part its good

Thought about that, but I figured the blurb at the top that outlined the system's compatibilities and such covered the lazy crowd ;)
Always nice talking to you, GameFAQs."

User Info: mx7blue

6 years ago#8
You missed the Q: So why should I buy it? A: Zelda HD.

User Info: Man__In__Black

6 years ago#9
mx7blue posted...
You missed the Q: So why should I buy it? A: Zelda HD.

Lol damnit!
Always nice talking to you, GameFAQs."

User Info: so64

6 years ago#10
You should also mention that AMD is partnering with Nintendo to create a custom Radeon HD GPU for the system. However, it is unknown how well the GPU will function as of now. (
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